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KFC Signs MOU With TriumphX for NFTs in South Korea

KFC Signs MOU With TriumphX for NFTs in South Korea Blockchain News

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) needs no further introduction as it is one of the world’s largest fast-food chains operating all over the world. In spite of all its fame and successful business all over the world, KFC looks forth to increase its already flourishing marketplace of South Korea even more. This time though non-fungible tokens (NFTs)!

KFC and TriumphX’s MOU

The fast-food giant KFC is all set to expand its market dominance in South Korea even more. For this, they will be bringing in new NFTs based upon it. For this, the digital partner in hand will be TriumphX.

Furthermore, for this, the KFC of South Korea has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TriumphX. TriumphX is a decentralized exchange trading platform focused mainly on game-based NFTs. In addition, TriumphX focuses on making NFTs highly tradable with at most liquidity in the most transparent and efficient ways possible. Also, this platform was actually built by gamers themselves for gamers to trade actively all the game-based NFTs. 

Moreover, according to the MOU, TriumphX will bring forth all the blockchain technology and with the creation of the NFTs for KFC South Korea. With this KFC South Korea seeks to revolutionize its branding through NFTs and blockchain technology. 

Accordingly, these NFTs will be based on KFC-related videos, artworks images, and much more digital media available. Also, all these will be launched as a series of collectibles for the customers. 

In addition, apart from being the technological partner, TriumphX will also facilitate further developments of the NFTs and also the trade and selling of these NFTs.

NFTs and South Korea

South Korea is an extremely promising nation for the cryptocurrency industry along with all its attributes. The technological advancement of the country is far more impeccable in terms of developments and adoption by the wider masses. 

Also, the NFT market is rather more thriving and flourishing than ever before. Last year the overall sales of NFTs amounted to about $13.7 million. Whereas, this year, in the first half alone the sales of NFTs reached its ATH of about $2.5 billion. 

The NFT market in South Korea is also at its brimming, seeking to NFTs on Korean writings origins as a series and the burgeoning K-pop industry’s NFTs upon its artists, etc. 

Despite various regulations on the South Korean crypto industry too, a few challenges are being put forth for both the crypto and NFT industry of the country. Yet, both the markets are quite focused and seek better improvements furthermore in the country though.

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