Wed, July 17

Justin Sun Led HTX Crypto Exchange Hacked of $7.9 Million

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According to a report published by blockchain analytics company Cyvers, HTX (previously Huobi Global) crypto exchange was compromised on September 24. The hack has resulted in the loss of $7.9 million worth of cryptocurrency.

A Chinese message was sent to the hacker through a Huobi hot wallet. The exchange claims in the message to have identified the perpetrator and to have offered a “white-hat bonus” of 5% of the stolen funds in return of the remaining 95%.

User’s Loss Compensated

On September 24 at 10:00 AM UTC, an address with no prior history received 4,999 Ether from the alleged Huobi hot wallet, valued around $7.9 million. The next morning, a Huobi wallet delivered a message to the hacker in Chinese.

On September 25th, Cyvers reported the assault. Arkham Intelligence, a blockchain analytics tool, has confirmed that the sending wallet is a Huobi hot wallet. Cyvers claims the message was received from a Huobi wallet since the wallet is identified on a Huobi support website.

Moreover, in the morning of September 25th, Justin Sun, an investor in Huobi Global, confirmed the incident, saying that HTX Global had lost 5,000 ETH ($8 million USD) to hackers.

Sun said that the exchange is presently operating regularly and that user funds are secure. He said that HTX has compensated for all damages and fixed all concerns linked to the cyberattack. Also, in 2023, a number of breaches on cryptocurrency exchanges occurred, many of which were blamed on the Lazarus Group, a hacking group with ties to North Korea.

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