Jack Dorsey’s Square Acquires Afterpay to Thrust Cash App

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From the saddles of CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, yet comes again another profounding news upon his other firm Square Inc. Jack Dorsey who is also the CEO of Square Inc, puts forth the company’s future plans and its incorporation of Afterpay for a whooping $28 billion. Square Inc moves strategically on plan to develop its very own Cash App even furthermore with Afterpay.

Acquisition of Afterpay

Square Inc is an American financial services and digital payment services provider led by the CEO of Twitter, who is also the CEO of Square Inc.  In spite of this Square Inc will acquire the Cash App anytime soon.

Furthermore this was revealed on Sunday, upon which both Square and Afterpay came up with a deal officially. Accordingly, both have come to a ‘Scheme Implementation Deed’ signed by both parties. 

In addition, according to the official agreement, Square Inc will be acquiring all shares, stocks and the whole Afterpay firm for an extremely high price of $28 billion. Also, it’s known that this $28 billion will be paid by Jack Dorsey in terms of stocks and shares to Afterpay. Therefore its evident regarding the market stock shares fluctuations taking this $28 billon into account.

Moreover, the sole aim of Square is to incorporate Afterpay and develop it to enhance its Cash App and Seller, futuring more impeccable services and options for the clients.

Furthermore, the CEO Jack Dorsey states that this integration of Afterpay to Square will enable profuse connectivity between Cash App and Seller. 

Also this will enable Cash App and Seller together to make a strong finance. Besides, Dorsey also states that this will restore power to the merchants, clients and customers.  

Regarding Afterpay & Dorsey’s views

Afterpay is an Australian financial services based firm expanding its services of payments for retailers and much more. However, this Afterpay is based on the concept of ‘Buy now and Pay later ‘(BNPL).

 Accordingly, the consumers and customers could purchase whatever they like, mainly retails and then can further pay the payments in terms of monthly installments with no interest. 

Moreover, many retailers and markets have incorporated Afterpay, counting to more than 100,000 retailers and about nearly 16 million customers and active users.

On the other hand, Dorsey explains that this BNPL platform of Afterpay will pave the way for its same integration upon Cash App and Seller. Thereby, this provides facilitations to the consumers and customers , making the young indulge more into it.

And so, Jack Dorsey is confident as ever that this buying of Afterpay and its incorporation on Cash App and Seller , will boost their digital payment platform to epic greater heights.

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