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Is Nigeria Most Obsessed With Cryptocurrency?

Is Nigeria Most Obsessed With Cryptocurrency? Editors News
  • According to the CoinGecko analysis Nigeria got 1 place with a score of 371.
  • The ranking score is given to countries by total search score.

According to a CoinGecko analysis, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates are two nations that are investing in cryptocurrencies more eagerly than others. These nations are particularly interested in investing in cryptocurrencies even if the crypto winter is now occurring in the year.

The “total search score” was then calculated for each English-speaking nation to see which nations had shown the greatest interest in cryptocurrencies since the market crash in April 2022.

According to data gathered by CoinGecko and published with Finbold on August 3, Google Trend search statistics show that Nigeria, with an overall score of 371, of second-ranked United Arab Emirates (UAE) by 270, and that of third-placed Singapore by 261 and Nigeria is the nation that has been most fascinated with cryptocurrencies since the market crisis started in April.

The result is based on a combined total search score for a number of particular phrases, such as “cryptocurrency,” “purchase crypto,” “invest in crypto,” “Bitcoin (BTC),” “Ethereum (ETH),” and “Solana (SOL).”

CoinGecko states

Nigeria topped the listing for its inhabitants having the best search ranges for the phrases ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘spend money on crypto’ and ‘purchase crypto’ worldwide. Moreover, the inhabitants of Nigeria seek for the cryptocurrency ‘Solana’ the third most worldwide.

With a 270 search score, the UAE comes in second overall. Singapore is in third position with 261 scores, Australia is in fourth with 218 points, and the United Kingdom is in fifth place with 198 points.

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