IRS Tightens Rules Towards Non-Tax Paying Crypto Users

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  • IRS now has permission to examine unidentified individuals.
  • Williams claims the government will use every available means to track down tax cheats.

The United States is making further efforts to guarantee that its Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can properly collect cryptocurrency tax as the crypto ecosystem expands and trade volumes hit new highs.

U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe gave the IRS permission to examine unidentified individuals by issuing a “John Doe summons,” as stated by U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Hubbert, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig.

M.Y. Safra Bank of New York is under a legal obligation to provide information on customers who may have failed to register and pay taxes on cryptocurrency transactions. The IRS is reportedly targeting customers of the SFOX cryptocurrency exchange.

Tracking Down Citizens

Even while crypto users are legally obligated to record gains and losses, the IRS claims that taxpayers are not doing so in large numbers. Williams claims the government will use every available means to track down tax cheats and force honest citizens to pony up.

Williams elaborated:

“Taxpayers are required to truthfully report their tax liabilities on their returns, and liabilities that arise from cryptocurrency transactions are not exempt.”

However, Rettig said that the John Doe summons’s approval bolsters their attempts to guarantee that taxpayers who dabble in crypto “pays their fair share.”

But a new report from the crypto analytics startup Coincub reveals which nations have the most onerous crypto tax policies. Belgium’s 33% capital gains tax and 50% withholding on trade income was the highest in the world. Iceland, Israel, the Philippines, and Japan are among the countries that follow next.

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