IoTex (IOTX) Surpasses 300% Rise!

IoTex(IOTX) Surpasses 300% Rise!

IoTex (IOTX), which all started off as an open-sourced project mainly based upon blockchain technology, implementing its own blockchain. Upon creating a complete hot fire last week after surging for more than 100%, yet again IOTX is in the limelight now. After partnering with many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms and the Amazon Web Services, IOTX boosted to its all-time high of reaching a 300% rise.

The 300% ATH

The IoTex (IOTX)  project was started at first and yet the reason remains the same. The IOTX project and its IOTX blockchain mainly focus on providing security to personal data. Many blockchain providers and security providers are constantly in competition to provide the best security through their own blockchain platforms. IOTX is one such platform that extends its service in providing blockchain-based security and protocols for their clients, mainly government bodies and much more. 

Moreover, as data is the wealth in this present technological world, the duty to safeguard one’s data is obviously an extremely responsible task.  In spite of all this, the IoTex has developed profusely over the past months, now becoming the most talked about crypto in the past few days. In addition, the IoTex uses the Internet of Things (IoT) as its sole weapon in order to provide maximum security, organization, and complete control for the users over their data.

Furthermore, it is now evident that the token of IoTex, the IoTex (IOTX) has surged to about 300% over the past few months with its start in February. Moreover, this denotes the IOTX reaching its all-time high of about $0.0443 from its price of $0.011 in February. 

Accordingly, it reached its ATH of $0.1115 on 12 August, citing a start in this spiking on August 8. Also, this debunked the hot crypto of the week with an extreme rise of about 130%. 

The Partnerships and Integrations

It all started during the month of March, which for IoTex is the holy month for it this year. In spite of this, IOTX got itself on the PancakeSwap DeFi platform list which marked a huge step for it.

Secondly, IOTX merged with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a step towards the development of the Ucam and Pebble Tracker.  Thirdly, a week after IOTX partnered with numerous platforms and also with Unifi protocol. 

In addition IoTex terms this partnership will enable profuse developments to provide the users with impeccable DeFi solutions.

As a result, all these partnerships have strengthened IoTex unimaginably, paving its way for its epic heights recently. 

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