Introducing OrangeSwap: The Next Big Thing in Decentralized Finance

Introducing OrangeSwap: The Next Big Thing in Decentralized Finance

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are practical and efficient means of cryptocurrency transactions because of the convenience they offer. They enable users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with one another without the need for brokers (i.e. peer-peer). I mean, who needs a middle man when peer-to-peer transactions can take place online securely and without the need for an intermediary? 

OrangeSwap even takes it to a whole new level; we are a one-stop decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on the Fantom network, meaning we are fast and charge low handling fees. Unlike other DEX, we have invested in building a fully decentralized platform that currently offers services such as exchange, liquidity, farming, staking(pool) and lottery while working on our future projects such as the lending protocol, NFT marketplace, OrangeDao, OrangeBlock, and much more on the way. As a result, traders can easily swap between tokens in the automated market maker (AMM) and get guaranteed swap rates. From here, you can enjoy the next-gen DEX.

Using OrangeSwap offers you many advantages. Here are a few things that make us unique;

1. Always-on Community support on Telegrams/ Twitter: With an active Twitter account and Telegram Channel, we bring to you news and first-hand updates and attend to any and every issue you may seem to have during your use of our services. Our goal is to build a formidable global community. 

2. Automatic buyback and burn: Buyback-and-burn programs support long-term price stability and value growth, but how does it work? The idea is the same as traditional share repurchase programs; The issuer buys back previously issued tokens on the secondary market to reduce supply. This act hence increases the market prices of the tokens.

In trading crypto, we are primarily associated with the idea of inflation. Meaning, erosion in value and price volatility in digital markets is usually higher. This system brings a check on the value of tokens, thereby giving them discernible benefits.

3. Code audit: We run consistent audits on our codes to discover errors, issues, and security vulnerabilities that may pose a challenge to providing world-class service to users of our platform.

4. No rug pull risk: Rug pull is a circumstance that occurs in decentralized finance and elsewhere in cryptocurrencies that can leave an investor with extreme losses. OrangeSwap ensures this never happens to you. We provide a rug pull risk-free service, which gives you more guarantees on your investments.

5. Anti-whale coding structure: Whales are entities that hold a large number of coins of a particular cryptocurrency or NFT token. Like in the ocean, when a whale moves, it affects the currents and movements of the water. This is the same effect whales can have on the market; single trades can lead to considerable changes in the prices. 

Our anti-whale coding structure will prohibit every big movement in the market that will affect the value of prices and protect smaller investors and traders from any whale activity. This will further make OrangeSwap a safer bet.

Despite the easy and smooth swaps and liquidity supply, OrangeSwap also has a Simple Ux implementation for smooth navigation of our website. In addition, OrangeSwap provides a higher annual percentage rate (APR) liquidity pool.

We are looking into launching OrangeDao, our community-centered project, which will allow users to vote for future projects on our platform. More information on this will come later.

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