Intel Launches the Best in Market BTC Mining Chip, BlockScale ASIC

Intel Launches the Best in Market BTC Mining Chip, BlockScale ASIC
  • Intel launches a new BTC mining chipset. 
  • The second generation chipset is the best in the market now.
  • New chip boasts a hashrate of 580GH/s and efficiency of 26J/TH.

Though, there are only going to be a few million Bitcoin (BTC) available in the world, for further mining, the BTC mining industry never tends to slow down at all. In spite of all this, the market fight over the BTC mining industry is indeed more extensive than the overall BTC market. 

This contributes to the various sectors and different trades involved in the overall process of BTC mining

On an ascending order, starting from BTC mining firms, goes down to BTC mining machines, and then finally ends at the BTC mining machines hardwares, most importantly the chips. In such etrms, the chipsets of the miners, tends to be the heart of the entire BTC mining process. 

The New Intel Second Gen BTC Mining Chip

The major semiconductor market ruler and chipset manufacturer, Intel has launched its new second generation of BTC mining chipsets. Going by the name ‘Intel BlockScale ASIC’, the new chipset is so far the top flagship chipset for BTC mining out from the firm. 

Apart from this, Intel states that the new second generation Intel BlockScale ASIC is so far the best chipset for BTC mining available in the market at present. The ASIC – standing for ‘Application Specific Integrated Circuit’ is a completely new chipset, nothing unlike the previous first generation ‘Bonanza Mine’. 

In addition to all this, the new BlockScale chipset is an ESG-(Environment, Social and Governance) certified chipset. In such terms, this chipset liberates the miners from the [potential threat of BTC mining environmental concerns. 

This new chipset boasts an extreme high hashrate of 580 GH/s along with an impeccable efficiency of 26J/TH. These specifications indeed beats up all the other chipsets in competition in the market. 

Accordingly, the General Manager of the Blockchain division of Intel, Jose Rios states that this new second generation chip will enable miners to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest scalability in terms of BTC mining.

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