Integration of Custom Sidechains Toolkit on Cardano

In the beginning of the new year, 2023, Cardano is excited to share the upcoming development of its ecosystem. Yes, a custom-built sidechains toolkit is verified by Input Output Global (IOG) to enhance Cardano adding more security and scalability to its network. 

As it is evident that Cardano is a third-generation blockchain, which is maintaining an outstanding performance with remarkable scale and volume from 2017. In addition, the ecosystem holds thousands of independent stake pools and millions of wallet addresses for over 5 solid years. 

Thus, Cardano will integrate a software toolkit by the end of the month. Through this new feature, all the developers to deploy custom-built sidechains on Cardano which results in upgrading the entire ecosystem. 

Moreover, IOG approves and launches this toolkit and the Cardano ecosystem releases the first iteration of this exciting project for its community.

Features of Sidechain Toolkit

Specifically, the Sidechain creators will use this toolkit to create an own consensus mechanism for Cardano. Thus, Cardano will have a unique Sidechain feature which will add scalability and security to the mainnet as per our priority.

In essence, a Sidechain is simply a blockchain which is linked to and dependent on its main chain. More so, the toolkit will enable the Sidechain to possess its own consensus algorithm and features. As the Sidechain is inter-linked with the main chain, only through this it allows assets to be transferred between the chains. 

Furthermore, the toolkit is totally made up of three main components. They are, Main chain scripts, a chain follower and a Sidechain. In addition, these building blocks of the toolkit will empower the developers in such ways. 

Firstly, it helps to transfer assets between the main chain and the custom Sidechain. Secondly, it supports various consensus algorithms, protocols, ledgers and languages. Third important feature is, it secures the sidechain launches and secure the small chains as well. 

Thus, the launch of the sidechains toolkit will enhance and improve the Cardano ecosystem in the near future.

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