Infinity8 Recognized as Best NFT Marketplace at Crypto Expo Dubai

Infinity8 Recognized as Best NFT Marketplace at Crypto Expo Dubai

As John Stuart Mill said many years ago, “All the good things that exist are the fruits of originality.” The quote finds its true meaning today. Trends that grow like an avalanche day by day in the global world are dragging people towards mediocrity while enabling them to adapt to certain patterns. NFTs, which have been talked about a lot lately, especially in the art world, are standing out at this point! Because in an ecosystem where originality is rare; Defined as a unique digital asset, NFT offers its buyers a unique and unique asset that is entirely their own. It makes millions to its sellers.

Our journey as  started at the AmfAR gala during the Cannes Film Festival in July with the first-ever NFT drop from renowned artist Sacha Jafri in July. We started with a bang and raised 2 million dollars. Today Sacha Jafri is partnering with us for the future release of 100 crypto angels, each angel representing a different charity. 

We are also collaborating with the incomparable artist Simon Mcnally for a very special drop that will represent his personal journey as an artist.  was founded by the billionaire philanthropist Javed Fiyaz who has been an early investor in the ultra-successful Hut8, the crypto mining company which was listed on the NASDAQ (HUT US).

We’re creative technologists and our mission is simple yet ambitious: to bridge the gap between digital art and fine art. Acting with an innovative, honest, and professional perspective, we have the vision to help users achieving their NFT dreams and making sure all their exchanges happen safely and transparently.

Creating an NFT project from the ground up is not an easy accomplishment and our team at  can attest to that. Getting to where we are today involved immense amounts of work and setbacks. Yet through two-sided marketplace challenges like demand and bootstrapping supply, we persevered. At this moment, we are proud to have won the award for the Best NFT Marketplace 2021 and we are so happy to see the fruits of our labor.

Imagine a unique and adorable collection of 8888 AI-generated and “cartoon-like” Happy Hippos. Are you in love already? We definitely are and that’s why we are thrilled to welcome Happy Hippos ( )to our marketplace. It is destined to create a triumphant path to success in the NFT market.

We are planning to start the pre-sale of these adorable Happy Hippos shortly. Our pre-sale price will be 200$ per hippos. The general sale will be open in two weeks at 400$ per hippo. So hurry up and adopt your Hippos!

We are also passionate about wildlife conservation and many other issues affecting our planet. For this reason, we will donate part of the proceeds to a wildlife protection charity to help the Hippos in their natural habitat. And for each Happy Hippo purchase, an adoption certificate will be issued to the owner of the NFT.

We are building a global team that can dream big with these brand-new possibilities that  can offer. Are you ready for a new era in Digital Art and cryptocurrency? We are… So, let’s get started!

Contact Details:

Company: Infinity Eight DWC-LLC

Address: A2,4th Floor, Dubai South, UAE

Contact: [email protected]

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