If You Don’t Sell Your BTC Now, You Are An Idiot

Peter Schiff: Do Not Invest at Current Dip!

Bitcoin (BTC) though being the topmost cryptocurrency, it’s the one that faces the most speculations. Moreover, it’s obvious as the whole market kind of revolves around how Bitcoin (BTC) spins about itself. In spite of this, it’s general that many analysts and crypto investors often put forth their opinions and their predictions upon BTC. However, nearly 80% of all investors and crypto geeks agree to the fact that BTC will always prevail and in favor of BTC. On the other hand, the other 20% are quite speculative. Though in recent times BTC very little news came out against BTC, and now the latest comes from the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, himself. 

Sell Your BTC Now

Euro Pacific Capital is one of the oldest and most standard stock-based financial firms of America to date. Owing to the fact it was initially founded in the year 1980, it still carries its aura and enigma throughput till now around the world. Besides, being a stock-based research firm that gives out ideas on investments and financial wealth management, they portray everything based upon the current trends globally. 

In spite of all this, being the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff is also a prominent businessman and investor. In addition, Peter Schiff is also an active, radio celebrity, stockbroker, financial advisor and also has a business in precious metals too. Accordingly, as for this decade, there’s no such prominent businessman without investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, Petre Schiff admits to being active in the crypto industry too. Besides, his recent tweet has created such a buzz throughout social media and upon the crypto industry vaguely. 

Moreover, upon the tweet, the CEO thrashed BTC exclaiming that all those who are not selling their BTC now are complete idiots. In addition, he justifies that BTC has been so irregular for the past decade and is certainly ought to completely break down. Therefore, he advises all the BTC holders to sell off their holdings as soon as possible.  

On the other hand, he regrets himself for missing the opportunity of buying BTC at its lowest so that he could be selling it at present with high profits.

Peter Schiff’s BTCs 

Many do know the fact that Peter Schiff turned against the BTC for quite a long time. However, he did possess many BTC, of certain unknown values for a period until tragedy struck in 2020. 

Accordingly, in January 2020, the CEO reveals that his BTC wallet has got corrupted and that he could no longer log in to his wallet account. Moreover, he shocked everyone that the wallet couldn’t be retrieved and he lost all his BTC assets. 

Quite a bitter BTC history for the CEO for sure, and so there’s no doubt why he’s so turned against BTC.

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