HSBC Filed Trademark Application for Crypto-Related Services

  • HSBC filed Trademarks for a Wide Range of Digital Currency and Metaverse Products.
  • Fidelity filed three trademark applications covering NFT on Dec 21.

HSBC, a British multinational universal bank, has submitted trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a wide range of digital currency and products and services, including those relating to the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). And Mike Kondoudis, a USPTO-licensed trademark lawyer, tweeted on Dec 23 that HSBC had applied for a trademark to exchange and transfer virtual currencies.

And HSDC filed an application on the series of 97718803 and 97718583 on Dec 15, and the bank outlines a wide range of products and services in its applications, including transmitting, receiving, exchanging, and storing digital currencies.

HSBC’s Application Includes

And the application includes many details about metaverse-related products and services, such as providing secure payments transactions via electronic means in the metaverse, facilitating banking services in the metaverse, and arranging the processing of virtual credit cards, virtual debit cards, virtual prepaid cards, and virtual payment card transactions in the metaverse. HSBC has provided a number of NFT services, such as downloading digital files authenticated by non-fungible tokens.

In March, HSBC entered the metaverse by partnering with the virtual game platform The Sandbox, and in Sept, HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn declared that cryptocurrency is not in the bank’s future. A significant number of big corporations and financial institutions have submitted trademark applications for a variety of digital currency and metaverse products and services.

In October, for example, major corporations including Visa, Paypal, and Western Union filed crypto-related trademark applications. And, on Dec 21, Fidelity filed three trademark applications covering NFT, NFT marketplace, Metaverse Investment services, virtual real estate investing, and cryptocurrency trading. JPMorgan Chase was also given a wallet trademark covering a variety of virtual currency and payment services last month.

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