House of Sparta: NFT gaming project debut launch on Fractal

London, UK – Breaking into 2022 Q1 with a blast, the NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) genre continues to see exponential growth as new contestants enter the NFT P2E arena. One such contestant that stands head and shoulders above the crowd – House of Sparta (HoS) – seeks to establish a community-led P2E cross-blockchain P2E NFT strategy game. With cinematic quality 3D NFTs, HoS lets players decide the fate of their heroes!

First-Ever Project Launched on Fractal

HoS will be the first ever mint launched by Fractal; the new NFT marketplace founded by Twitch Founder, Justin Kan, and Founder of Google Drive, David Wurtz. Specialising solely in high-quality gaming projects, Fractal offers HoS the great honour of being the first project they launch. Justin Kan himself even featured on a podcast with the HoS team, discussing their origin, the game, and their path ahead.

HoS is set to mint on the 1st of February, 11pm UTC and it is already fully doxxed to ensure transparency to it’s community.With the mint page being launched on Fractal, this truly rings as a momentous occasion for HoS – now set to launch the Alpha game by Q3, and the full game by the end of the year. As Fractal deeply vet their projects, it is ensured that the HoS game is coming, quality is assured, and integrity is guaranteed.

If You Want Peace, Prepare For War

HoS will be a real-time P2E strategy game where players will guide their armies into battle whilst also governing a province of land. You will earn in game currency that can be spent upgrading your province/army via the HoS in-game marketplace. The possibilities are endless as you can team up and join provinces to create large-scale kingdoms.

HoS sets out to provide players with the freedom to create their own micro economies via HoS’ comprehensive tokenomic structure. To learn more, read the HoS litepaper for full details.

Media Contact House of Sparta

Creator name: Andrew Baron 

Company name House of Sparta 

Company address: 50 hill house road SW16 2AQ

Email: [email protected]

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