Heroes Partners With Mode Fintech to Pay Its Employees in BTC

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  • Heroes builds Partnership with Mode Fintech Group
  • Employees of Heroes will receive their Salaries in Bitcoin.
  • Heroes is the first company in the U.K to start BTC Payroll. 

Heroes is a technology based e-commerce platform operating on all types of products in the global marketplace.  As an innovative upgrade, Heroes officially announces partnership with Mode Global Holdings early today. The e-commerce company is planning to provide its employees their salaries in the popular and most valuable crypto asset, Bitcoin.

As a fruitful partnership, one of the LSE-listed Fintech Group, Mode will provide a BTC payroll for the employees enrolled with Heroes platform. Thus, employees will receive a part of their monthly salary in Bitcoin which is credited in their respective wallets. 

Thus, Heroes takes pride in being one of the first ever companies in the U.K to initiate employee salaries in Bitcoin (BTC). 

BTC Payroll Partnership

As cryptocurrencies are growing and spreading their roots in a fast pace, crypto adoptions are also rising massively. Crypto services are being adapted in many parts of the world connecting people through digital platforms. More so, investments in digital currencies are also growing mature in the marketplace. 

Thus, Mode’s payroll system supports the interested employees to invest their savings steadily in the most popular digital asset. Further, if the employees agreeing to receive their portion of salary in Bitcoin will get it into their Mode wallet. As the wallet is a super secure and FCA authorized BTC wallet in the global marketplace. 

In regards to the partnership, the Co-founder and CFO of Heroes shares, 

“Our team is very happy to enter a partnership with Mode, which provides a BTC payroll system as an innovative experience to our employees. Therefore, receiving a portion of salary in BTC will add a value of benefits to our employees.”

Moreso, commenting on the partnership note, the COO of Mode, Rita Liu was very excited to work with the Heroes team. Thereby creating an innovative and a safe way for its employees to invest in Bitcoin through our payroll system, she adds. 

Thus, Heroes company is the first company to bring in the Bitcoin payroll system in the U.K. Therefore setting as an example for other firms to initiate such benefits to their employees. 

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