Harmony Ecosystem Grows Adding New Projects

Harmony Protocol Aims to Fund 100 DAO's Ensuring Extreme Transparency

Several new projects are entering the crypto industry each day and the volume is growing gradually. The current trend in the crypto market is NFT, GameFi, and metaverse projects. While the rise of GameFi and metaverse projects depicts the importance and potential of these sectors.

The updates and advancements in each ecosystem drive the attention of investors and traders. Some ecosystems provide different projects from their platform to the users which entirely grabs attention. Likewise, Harmony Protocol adds new projects each day which results in its ecosystem’s growth. Harmony (ONE) is a blockchain-based platform that aims to address the issue of achieving both scalability and decentralization without sacrificing either.

Harmony Adds New Projects

The official Twitter account of Harmony protocol has posted about its new projects being added to its mainnet. According to the post, the Harmony ecosystem is growing exponentially while adding new projects each day. The post also includes a glimpse of different projects in the Harmony ecosystem.

The first project in the video is DeFi Kingdoms, which is a DeFi game with usable NFTs. Next project is MAD NFT which allows users to create unique NFTs and grow the community. The platform also enables creators to monetize their artwork and earn rewards. Following that, Armoonia is the next project which is a decentralized marketplace for generative NFTs on Harmony. Harmoonies is the primary NFT collection at the forefront of Armoonia.

Aragon, Curve, daVinci, Boss Swap, and Rango exchange are the consequent projects in the video. Following this, Cosmic universe and Enders Gate are added to the project list which are gaming platforms. Euphoria, a financial tool that allows users to stake and earn harmonious compounding interest is the next project. Likewise, many more projects were listed in the video shared from the official Harmony Twitter account. Furthermore, these updates and developments in the ecosystem indicate its growth which eventually grabs the attention of the traders and investors.

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