Google Enhances Partnership with Aptos and Explores Into Web3

Google Enhances Partnership with Aptos and Explores Into Web3
  • Aptos, a cryptocurrency company, has partnered with Google Cloud.
  • Google expands its web3 footprint with a variety of cryptocurrency initiatives.

Aptos, a layer 1 blockchain infrastructure company, has partnered with Google Cloud to power some of its validator nodes. Aptos co-founder and CEO Mo Shaikh spoke alongside Simon Baksys, the go-to-market, and business development lead for Google’s Web3 division, on a panel at TOKEN2049 London about the partnership.

Aptos and Google Cloud Collaboration

Shaikh said that

“I think this is the first time a Web2 and a Web3 company has come together in such a meaningful way” 

He also stated that Google Cloud will validate nodes and participate in the Aptos mainnet. The Aptos blockchain will indexed, and data from enquiries made available on Google Cloud’s BigQuery service.

This is an extension of collaboration that leads to the blockchain company’s mainnet launch. And the partnership earlier this year to become the blockchain company’s first cloud partner. Allowing anyone to power an Aptos blockchain node in under 15 minutes. The foundation plans to launch an accelerator program to host a hackathon next year to support new talents.

Baksys believes it is fascinating to see how those two worlds collide as well as which projects will be interested in using both Google and Aptos tools to create something truly unique. He also stated that they will undoubtedly continue our quote-unquote world tour and engage with the community as a group.

For a more secure user experience, the Aptos blockchain employs the Move programming language for faster transaction execution and flexible key management. Its blockchain is design to be upgradeable and will adapt to current and emerging Web3 use cases. 

Google Cloud recently introduced Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service aimed at reducing the need for node operations.

They formed a new digital assets team in January by collaborating with Fortress Blockchain Technologies to bring private data storage for NFTs, NEAR to speed up Web3 businesses, and Coinbase to implement cryptocurrency payments for cloud services.

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