Gift NFTs to Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Gift NFTs to Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Picking a perfect gift for the holiday season and sending it online isn’t always an easy task, especially when you have friends and family living across the border. You can opt for the best delivery service and still can’t escape the supply-chain issues which result in the late arrival of gifts. Whether it is Christmas or New Year’s eve, who likes to get a present after all the celebrations are over? 

If you are searching for ways to surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable and extremely trendy gift for this holiday season, NFTs are the best option for you. Gifting NFTs is not only exceptional but also opens doors for an altogether new world for the receiver (if they are nascent to the crypto industry). If your friends and family are already into crypto and love the idea of NFTs, then you should definitely take this chance to impress them with NFT gifts. 

Being the most exciting development in the crypto industry, the NFT space has been growing rapidly for the past couple of years. Based on a report published by blockchain analyst company Chainalysis, users have spent around $26.9 billion worth of cryptocurrency on NFT marketplaces in 2021. Considering the recent boom of NFTs, they are a great alternative to traditional presents, which can be easily predictable for some people. Let’s look at some of the reasons why NFTs are the best gift option for this holiday season. 

The best online gift for Art lovers 

Most of the NFTs we see in the present world are artworks – both physical and digital. The way we perceive art has changed considerably after the invention of NFTs. They not only provide an opportunity for creators to earn a significant amount (in crypto) but also allow them to get ownership rights for their artwork. Moreover, millennials and generation Z are more fascinated by these digital artworks and are quick to adopt this new trend.

Art devotees will definitely thank you for choosing NFT art gifts for this year’s holiday season. If you have any artists in your friend circle, present them NFTs because who can appreciate a creator’s work more than another creator? Unlike traditional art pieces that are showcased in galleries and museums, NFT arts are easily accessible for you and the receiver. 

Create your own art and gift it as an NFT

Are you an artist by yourself and like sending handmade postcards and paintings to your acquaintance on special occasions? You can do the same by turning your physical or digital art into an NFT. Not just images and sketches, you can turn any digital file like mp3, jpeg, png, mp4, gif, svg into an NFT and gift it to your favorite people. Pour your creativity into art and surprise your friends by gifting it as an NFT for this Christmas. 

NFT marketplace as Starly supports the creation of NFT for free of charge (and no transaction fees).

You can create your first-ever NFT art on Starly and send it to your best friend for this Christmas. The platform allows you to connect with a social media account to get access to their marketplace.

Introduce the crypto world to your friends and family 

In this digital era, where people are trading intangible currencies and working hard to create a completely different universe, your loved ones might have already heard about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs at least once. They might not completely understand what this new technology is and how it works. This is why it is the perfect time to introduce the crypto world to them by gifting them a digital collectible. 

As NFTs are digital collectibles, having a digital wallet is necessary to receive the gift. You would have to guide them first to set up a digital wallet that supports NFTs and help install the app on their smartphone or PC. Helping your loved ones set up a digital wallet and sending them an NFT as a gift seems like an appropriate holiday gift in a world where technology evolves continuously. 

One step towards the Metaverse future

Traditional gifts like expensive jewelry, watches, or diamonds are all great. But, when the whole world is looking to enter an alternative virtual world, why not consider better options like NFTs as gifts? Gifting NFTs not only serve you and your family members as the perfect holiday present but also keeps you in the frontline to welcome the metaverse future. Metaverse is the next big step in the evolution of modern technology in which NFTs play a key role as collectibles. 

Promising individuals in the crypto space and companies are working to build the virtual universe. Not very long back, the social media giant Facebook has rebranded its name to “Meta” and has caught attention from people all over the world. Popular consumer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Adidas are also entering the metaverse and NFT world. While there is a long way to create an absolute metaverse, the work has already begun, and it is in progress. 

Some of the NFT game platforms are already providing a metaverse-like experience to the users. Considering the significant development in this area, gifting NFTs is the best choice for this holiday season. Even if your loved ones are completely new to this space, they will thank you later for gifting the digital assets. 

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