GGDApp Plans for NFTs, Why it Matters

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GGDApp is a decentralized crypto gaming and DeFi ecosystem that’s developer, gamer, and investor-facing fusing NFTs. Non-Fungible tokens form the core of GGDApp, ensuring a win-win existence for all stakeholders.

Why NFTs

NFTs are already enriching the blockchain gaming space, empowering players and developers. Unlike fungible tokens, NFTs draw direct benefits to holders. They are unique, often limited in supply, and exist in a transparent blockchain. 

NFTs can store various files such as videos, audio, documents, and even images. Their deployment on the blockchain gives users an edge since there is better provenance and transparency. 

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets are Complex

GGDApp creators know that centralized gaming portals are gradually losing ground to superior, decentralized gaming platforms integrating NFTs. 

Nonetheless, as advantageous blockchain and crypto solutions are, they are currently relatively complex with few use cases for the mass market. Furthermore, incorporating blockchain technologies can be challenging for Indie game developers running on a shoestring budget.

GGDApp’s Intricate Balance to Spark Adoption

GGDApp is rolling out a rewarding ecosystem for stakeholders while ingeniously weaving blockchain benefits where necessary. Of crucial importance for GGDApp is to launch with a simple-to-use and smooth user interface that’s appealing for all users regardless of their crypto or blockchain experience. 

In realizing their objective, GGDApp has integrated DeFi incentives and NFTs. Rewards in GGDApp can be distributed in cryptocurrencies through the native currency’s GGTK. At the same time, players can receive in-game items like racing cars or weapons as NFTs. These items are non-custodial, under the control of players, and can be traded on GGDApp’s internal marketplace.

The role of NFTs in GGDApp

Within the GGDApp ecosystem, a gamer can play-to-earn and acquire NFTs from the internal marketplace while also receiving GGTK rewards. Meanwhile, the GGDApp’s DeFi incentives benefit developers and liquidity providers. 

On the other hand, investors can choose to benefit from GGTK capital gains, acquire rare and valuable in-game NFTs, stake, or supply liquidity for the GGTK token. All these options are open for the investor with added capabilities due to the fusion of NFTs.

How NFTs Feature in GGDApp’s 2022 Plans

GGDApp’s first game in beta, Pirates 2048, integrated with NFT collection technology in December 2021. It offered Grand Tournament qualifying tickets in bottles that could only be retrieved from the sea. 

By late January 2022, the bottles’ contents were empty. However, GGDApp plans to introduce a new NFT collection and incorporate them in their games. Additionally, they plan to hold regular Pirates tournaments. By the end of the year, developers of Pirates 2048 will release the game’s characters. 

The GGDApp’s second game, SimThunder, will also feature NFTs. Its marketplace open beta will launch in H2 2022 as per GGDApp’s roadmap. They have already hired a partnership manager fully dedicated to SimThunder and are looking to strike a partnership deal with existing Simracer leagues. Their content would be converted to NFTs on GGDApp for the consumption of Simracer league fans. At the same time, there are considerations for launching the SimThunder league. 

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