FTX Branded Visa Debit Cards in 40 Countries –  Crypto Adoptions Are Surging!

Visa Ends Partnership With Bankruptcy Filed FTX Exchange

As the entire market is witnessing a bearish scale at present, some financial giants are initiating challenging tasks in the crypto industry. Witnessing, digital currencies becoming the future, the payment giant – Visa is building a bridge into crypto space. Further the active engagement of the users in crypto made Visa to partner with FTX, a popular cryptocurrency exchange in the market. 

Being on trend, Visa reveals its exciting global partnership to offer crypto debit cards around 40 countries in the world. Being at high risk with a bear market, Visa is betting that crypto users are very eager to spend digital assets on every purchase!

Moreover, Visa’s target markets are Latin America, Europe and Asian countries. In addition, the usage of crypto cards is already existing in the U.S market. So it automatically links directly to the respective user’s FTX account. 

How does the VISA crypto cards work?

To be honest, the launch of crypto debit cards has made the purchase process even more simpler. The new VISA debit card is directly linked to the user’s FTX accounts. So users can just pay as they purchase with their FTX crypto balances. As a special advantage, the card is accessible round the clock, 365 days without any processing fees.  

There are some talks around the town saying this offer is introduced due to the massive price fall of Bitcoin (BTC). According to CoinMarketCap, the current value of BTC is $19,648.66, dipping down 2.49% in the last 24 hours.

Additionally as a smart strategy, Visa is moving its coin in the bear market. Thereby initiating  over 70 crypto partnerships into the digital space. Even more, Visa’s marketing strategy made it successfully associate with world’s top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. 

Furthermore, respecting the partnership with FTX, the Vice President and Head of crypto at Visa, Cuy Sheffield shares, 

“Through this long term global partnership, Visa is joining hands with FTX, one of the most innovative crypto exchanges. Moreover, Crypto is a community-driven space. So it is not easy to deliver the best crypto experiences on our own.”

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