Fox Entertainment Puts $100 Million Into the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Fox Entertainment Puts $100 Million Into the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The most renowned blockbuster provider and media firm, Fox Entertainment right now has entered into the non-fungible tokens (NFT) platform. Fox Entertainment joins together with Bento Box Entertainment in order to create funds of $100 million to be invested on NFTs.

The Entry

The whole NFT industry has rather been facing a slow pace since April. The NFT market nearly came to a fall of 90% overall. However, the recent news of the media blockbuster firm, Fox Entertainment investing $100 million into the NFT industry has warmed the hearts of many.

Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment together will invest $100 million in their new venture. This new venture is nothing but one of their firms involved completely in the NFT market. Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment will be investing $100 million in their new NFT business. The establishment is named Blockchain Creative Labs. 

The Blockchain Creative Labs is meant to carry out the complete NFT business by all means for Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment from scratch. In addition, it will be responsible for creating the platform for their NFT. Also, it will manage the whole platform on all bases of regulations and maintenance. Likewise, it will also carry out the sales of the NFTs too. 

In conclusion, Blockchain Creative Labs is said to handle A to Z on all aspects for NFTs of Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment.

However, most of the NFT would be created upon the works of both Fox Entertainment and Bent Box Entertainment.

The Present and the Forecast

The Blockchain Creative Labs will be headed by the CEO of Bento Box Entertainment Scott Greenberg. The CEO of Fox Entertainments,  Charlie Collier states, from the introduction of blockchain technology, has inspired many news forms of business from cryptocurrencies to NFTs at present. Besides, he adds their new company the Blockchain Creative Labs will for sure proliferate under the head of Scott Greenberg and Bento Box Entertainment. Moreover, he depicts the impeccable growth Blockchain Creative Labs will acknowledge upon the NFT and tokes industry. 

Indeed, the first NFT to be created and activated by Blockchain Creative Labs is upon Krapopolis, which is an animated comedy set in the time of ancient Greece. Also, followed by this, the Blockchain Creative Labs second product might probably be The Simpsons, which evidently would be a massive hit in its NFT business. Afterward, Bob’s Burgers which belongs to the Bento Box Entertainment production house will be taken into the stake. Scott Greenberg is so confident in their new business. Indeed, he exclaims their long relationship and understanding of creativity will be a boon for propelling this NFT business.

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