Flux Price Prediction 2021 — Will FLUX Hit New ATH Soon?

Flux Price Prediction 2021 — Will FLUX Hit New ATH Soon?
  • Bullish FLUX price prediction ranges from $0.26 to $0.44.
  • FLUX price may also reach $2 if it exceeds $0.44 soon.
  • Bearish FLUX price prediction for 2021 is $0.09.

This Flux Price Prediction 2021 article is based on technical analysis alone. In this article, you can see the key measures that were taken into consideration upon coming up with our FLUX price analysis and prediction.

The Flux Ecosystem is a suite of blockchain-based decentralized computing services In order to offer an interoperable, decentralized AWS-like development environment. Moreover, Flux utilizes a native POW coin to power this ecosystem, providing incentive for hardware hosters, governance on-chain, and bad actor mitigation through staking requirements for running hardware. 

For interested crypto traders, the crypto trades at exchanges such as  CITEX, BitForex, KuCoin, MXC.COM, and TOKOK. 

Moreover, with these recent developments, is FLUX a good investment in 2021? Let’s find out in this FLUX price analysis 2021 article.

Flux Network (FLUX) Price Analysis

Currently, FLUX holds the 720th place on CoinGecko. But will the recent changes in the blockchain and its governance help catapult the price to reach higher? Let’s proceed to the charts in this  FLUX price prediction article.

FLUX/USDT Price Chart Showing Symmetrical Triangle Pattern (Source: TradingView)

The smaller time frame in the chart above indicates the Symmetric Triangle pattern. This pattern represents a period of consolidation that may move to a price breakout or breakdown. A breakdown from the lower trendline indicates the beginning of a new bearish trend. In contrast, a breakout from the upper trendline shows the start of a new bullish trend.

FLUX/USDT RSI (Source: TradingView)

Meanwhile, the relative strength index (RSI) of the FLUX is already at its overbought state. For this reason, traders must be careful because FLUX might trigger a price reversal any time, as shown in this price prediction.

According to CoinGecko, the FLUX price is $0.20, at the time of writing. In terms of market position, the market capitalization of FLUX amounts to almost $30,248,837. Furthermore, FLUX has an average daily trading volume of over $778,396.

FLUX/USDT Price Chart (Source: TradingView)
  • Resistance Level 1 – $0.263
  • Resistance Level 2 – $0.353
  • Next Resistance Level – $0.44
  • Support Level 1 – $0.175
  • Support Level 2 – $0.09

The above chart shows the impressive performance of FLUX in the last few days.  FLUX  is showing a bullish trend. However, if the trend continues,  FLUX will run along with the bulls, overtaking all-time high price of $0.24 and climb higher to $0.44.

In contrast, if the crypto investors turn against the cryptocurrency, the bears might take over. More so, the FLUX price might plummet to almost $0.09, a bearish signal. Even more, it may even reach $2 if investors have decided that FLUX is a good investment in 2021.

Furthermore, the project seems promising. Moreover, it has high goals, clear ideas, and a use case that target a broad market. Along with increasing adoption, positive price predictions, and a community consists of thousands of retailers, FLUX is likely a promising investment for 2021.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this chart solely the authors. It is not interpreted as investment advice.

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