Fluidity Moneys Atlantean Embassy Joined by Gains Network

Fluidity Moneys Atlantean Embassy Joined by Gains Network

Spend-to-earn decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Fluidity Money has teamed with Gains Network, a platform that provides gTrade, an innovative, user-friendly decentralized leveraged trading experience.

By the integration of Fluidity’s novel yield-generating method through the integration of fDAI and the development of an fDAI vault, Gains Network and Fluidity Money’s partnership seeks to improve the leveraged trading capabilities of gTrade. The gTrade platform will have more prospects thanks to this agreement, which will also increase the use of Fluidity Money’s fDAI.

For instance, users of gTrade may soon be able to leverage their holdings using fDAI, strengthening their return strategy and upgrading their trading experience. Users will be able to deposit fDAI, which offers distinctive trading tactics, in the vault. Users of both platforms may get new features and advantages as the collaboration grows, such as enhanced incentives and rewards.

“Fluidity Money’s unique approach to generating yield through transactions aligns perfectly with our vision for gTrade, creating an even more appealing platform for decentralized leveraged trading,” said Lunaman, Business Development at Gains Network.

“By partnering with Gains Network and integrating fDAI into their gTrade platform, we’re excited to bring more value to users while expanding the adoption of our Fluid Assets,” commented Shahmeer Chaudhry, CEO at Fluidity Money.

When the Atlantean Embassy is activated, the Fluid Switch on the fDAI vault will be triggered. As a consequence, any fDAI deposits may possibly have the yield-bearing potential for Gains Network.

How it works

Stablecoins like DAI, USDC, and USDT may be deposited into Fluidity’s WebApp to get wrapped stablecoins, or Fluid Assets, for Fluidity Money. As they can be traded like any other ERC-20 token and preserve a 1:1 peg to the underlying asset, almost all on-chain value transactions may now be made more profitable. Users can only get incentives when they use their digital assets since yield can only be produced via transactions.

The Atlantean Embassy

In order to promote development, cooperation, and extension within the ecosystem, Fluidity Money is collaborating to launch The Atlantean Embassy, which will bring together forward-thinking DeFi enterprises like Gains Network. Gains Network will experience the Fluid Switch activation upon joining the Atlantean Embassy, which will cause fDAI to reward their users in addition to filling their Treasury. 80% of every deposit made to the fDAI vault will go to the individual making the transaction.

While Gains Network will profit from joining the Atlantean Embassy by receiving innovative income streams and unique cooperation prospects. Gains Network will have access to Fluidity Money’s special yield-generating mechanism as an Atlantean Embassy member thanks to the integration of fDAI and the establishment of an fDAI vault.

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