First BNB Application Sidechain Based Game, Meta Apes, Is Now Available To Play

First BNB Application Sidechain Based Game, Meta Apes, Is Now Available To Play

The first game to go live on the BNB Application Sidechain is Meta Apes, a free-to-play MMO strategy game tailored for the mobile-first experience. Meta Apes is now available on Google Play for Android smartphones, and an iOS version is on the way.

Post-Apocalyptic Earth, where humans have been wiped out, and Apes have taken their place, is the setting for the game. Taking control of space is next on the list. Each player must cooperate closely with their Gang to become the greatest Clan and win the final race to space.

Meta Apes’ Business Lead, Taylor Shim, stated:

“Meta Apes was born out of this idea of creating a community-oriented game that offers both audiences something valuable – 1) an opportunity for the traditional gamers to earn & truly own their in-game assets and 2) a much more interactive and enjoyable experience to the blockchain gamers who are primarily looking to earn.”

Meta Apes has used Ankr’s gaming SDK to integrate the exciting gameplay of Web2 with the incentives and monetization systems that are essential in Web3. Meta Apes has raised the bar for blockchain gaming with its full Web3 functionality, increased scalability, and user-friendly game mechanics.

This implies that in-game currency, NFT characters, and actual digital ownership will be included in the blockchain integration. Instead of a gaming studio’s centralized server, all game-related data is stored on the blockchain. Players may freely trade or sell their in-game assets and make money while they play if they have complete possession of them.

Developers may establish and manage their own blockchains in parallel to the BNB Chain mainnet with BNB Application Sidechain (BAS), which Ankr helped build. Because of dedicated sidechains, applications and games like Meta Apes will benefit from better throughput and lower transaction costs. Developers can create their own blockchains that are tailored to the specific demands of their application without having to compete with the traffic generated by other BNB Chain applications.

Developers may use Ankr’s new Web3 Gaming SDK, including best-in-class infrastructure, NFTs, markets, and multi-chain wallet integrations, to build a game as fantastic as Meta Apes. Incorporating NFTs, crypto payment gateways, and other methods are easy using its SDKs, making it easy for game developers to go from Web2 to Web3. Using Ankr’s Gaming SDK, Meta Apes converted from Web2 to Web3 in less than a month.

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