FIFA Into Web 3.0 Games, Breaks Up With EA!

FIFA Into Web 3.0 Games, Breaks Up With EA!
  • FIFA breaks up with EA.
  • FIFA turns towards a complete Web 3.0 approach.
  • Four different blockchain games on the run with the onset of FIFA 2022. 

With the FIFA 2022 World cup to begin in just a few days down the countdown, the International soccer association takes quite some radical decisions. Accordingly, FIFA has broken up with Electronic Arts (EA), after their long tenure relationship of more than 30 years. 

The news has taken to surprise the entire soccer mania, and the game geeks too. FIFA games through EA were one of the most highly anticipated ones for the entire world out of the stables of EA. 

However, the disappointment of some has turned into a boon for the crypto, and the blockchain industry too. And so, FIFA has so far signed up with four different blockchains, each giving out four different, and unique Web 3.0 approach based games. 

FIFA’s Web 3.0 Games on the Line

Moreover, FIFA also stated that they will be directly involved in producing the upcoming blockchain, and Web 3.0 games by itself. And so, the first in line is the ‘AI League’, which indeed is a 4 player versus a four player game. Upon this, the players will have to select their own AI characters which are the players in the games, and compete with each other’s teams in tournaments. 

The second in line is the ‘Matchday’, which indeed takes more of a much more familiar manner, with soccer cards. It will involve Web 3.0 integration with which players have to guess, and predict the games and the wins.

Next is the ‘Phygtl’, which will be more appealing towards the fan bases. The majority of fan bases coming together, thereby creating a global generation of digital awards themselves for the winning teams. 

The fourth, and the final so far is the one with FIFA’s interaction with the metaverse ‘Upland’. Upon this, players will be able to create and collect official FIFA digital assets.

Though FIFA takes a turn towards the digital approach which indeed is the future, yet question arises whether the impact will be the same and massive as that done by the FIFA games from EA. One thing though, EA’s FIFA will be missed for sure though!

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