FIBOS (FO) Shoots Up Over 85% Within A Day

FIBOS (FO) Shoots Up Over 85% Within A Day

Regardless of what technology a platform uses in this financial-world, DeFi would significantly recreate the traditional financial-service with its infrastructure. Besides, DeFi has the potential to advance the financial sector and unlock a new level of innovation. 

Following the crypto industry, DeFi holds the next place competing with NFTs. As the world witnesses that cryptocurrencies might be the future of the digital-payment mode, millions of users have emerged into crypto-space. But, On the contrary, DeFi would advance in technology and will act as the guarantor of the transactions in the financial space. As a result, DeFi tech will gain more traction than before in this digital-world in the upcoming years.

Even now many DeFi-related currencies performances seem fascinating and the interest for DeFi is steadily increasing every day than the day before. Similarly, FIBOS is a DeFi-related token, which has surged in price nearly 85% in a day.

FIBOS (FO) operates on a DeFi and public blockchain technology. The platform is based on the Heterogeneous Cross-chain Agreement, a decentralized cross-chain solution. The decentralized trading infrastructure (DEX) protocol is an open-source protocol with a simpler concept and a safer environment. Furthermore, the platform has its own wallet that includes DeFi items, asset management, and DApps.

Current Market Status

According to Coinmarketcap, the current trading price of FIBOS is $0.02353 with a trading volume of $2,049,562 in the past 24-hours. The token has surged to 85% in the last 24 hours and has a circulating supply of 1,071,593,128 FO coins. It is available in top exchanges such as CoinTiger, Hoo, MEXC, and AEX.

Trading Chart of FIBOS

The chart depicts the bullish pattern for FIBOS. The token has tapped its all-time high two years ago at $0.038, whereas the current price is 39% lower than ATH. The price has risen from $0.0126 to $0.0235 which marks the high price of the day. With more updates, FIBOS has the potential to reach more highs.

Significantly, the price of FIBOS has surged to 85% in the last 24-hours, whereas with the 7-day price chart it has reached 266%. The two-week statistic shows that the price has shot over 428% and the 30-day analysis depicts the rise to 535%. On the whole, FIBOS has been presenting a bullish pattern for over a month and it has strong-potential to continue it.

Considering the recent updates, the reason for the surge of FIBOS might be the personal interest of every investor. However, with the ongoing developments in the network, users can expect more spikes in price. If the uptrend momentum continues then it would be the sweet spot for the FIBOS users.

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