Fantom Towards Complete DApp Surge for 2023!

Fantom Towards Complete DApp Surge for 2023!
  • Andre Cronje becomes a new member of the board of Fantom.
  • Fantom to completely concentrate on DApps throughout 2023.  
  • Fantom will slash down 75% of token burn.

The Decentralized applications (DApps) services brought over by Decentralized Finance (DeFi) through means of smart contract consensus, exhibits the complete evolution of the Fantom services. The Fantom platform is indeed one of the most sophisticated, and efficient platforms for outgrowing all sorts of smart contracts, and DeFi services, from the time when there was only the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain platform at dispense.  

Though the year 2022, has been tough for Fantom, like all other crypto based firms, the Fantom platform has solid plans, and aims to achieve for the forthcoming year. 

High Spirits of Andre Cronje

Accordingly, the information has been released officially by Andre Cronje himself. Andre Cronje is actually the man behind the projects such as Keep3rV1, and the Yearn.Finance. 

Being such a prolific DeFi based architect, Andre Cronje has now joined the Fantom group, as one of the members of the group, constituting for both the Fantom Foundation Ltd, and the Fantom Operation Ltd. In such terms, as an active member for the board, Andre Cronje puts forth the future plans for Fantom platform. 

Accordingly, Cronje officially acknowledges that Fantom will be completely focusing on DApps, and prolific development upon the attribute for the year 2023 completely. Also, Cronje states that a profuse platform for DApp developers ought to be built upon which one would be able tyo sustain business, and at the same time maintain a difference from other layer 1 attributes. 

The major view of Cronje for Fantom for the year 2023, is gas monetization. This aims in establishing revenue generation for DApps, and the developers together as added additives, and advantages. Moreover, Cronje states that this entire ecosystem for the DApps wouldn’t have any interference from the platform’s native token, the FTM.  

Currently, FTM is trading for the price of $0.2041, with the graphs staying positive by 1.57% surges for the past 24 hours into account.

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