Exotic Markets Launches First Solana Blockchain Dual Currency Note

Exotic Markets Launches First Solana Blockchain Dual Currency Note

Exotic Markets is so excited to announce the launch of the Solana blockchain’s Dual Currency Note (DCN). For those who believe cryptocurrencies will grow in value over time and entering a DCN upside trade is a good choice. 

Following a long devnet testing process, Exotic Markets has launched its Dual Currency Note (DCN)  feature to the Solana blockchain. Over 140,000 wallets participated in the large-scale test, as users were excited to prove the Dual Currency Note’s capabilities.

The recent Terra-UST disaster and current bearish crypto market actions set demand for innovative strategies to diversify portfolios without facing too many risks. The DCN products will perform under any market conditions. It allows customers who own their favorite crypto asset to invest in DCN upside denominated in that asset.

The Dual Currency Note

A Solana holder can invest in a Dual Currency Note and earn their profit in bitcoin there is no need for the Alternative assets and wrapped tokens. Decentralized finance (DeFi) will generate yield on assets that are maintained for the long term. More importantly, it’s a long-term yield farming possibility that lets people keep a better outlook on their favorite crypto assets.

DCN does not require SOL or USDC to be deposited into small-cap coins or vaults, instead uses an unusual working method. And is designed for long-term return production, whereas other offerings suffer from inflated token supplies due to low demand for the issued asset. Also, the DeFi is to reward customers with yield in the currency they already hold.

“HODLers” have consistently gained huge benefits from maintaining the long-term assets they own. SOL holders have the benefit of seeing prices rise as high as $243, even in the current market situation, there is a strong possibility that a new all-time high price will be set quite soon.

The Exotic Market 

Exotic Markets is a Solana-powered defi protocol that uses user-friendly structured products to allow customers to diversify their portfolios and maximize returns. Exotic Markets’ ultimate goal is to democratize yield for all investors, and it is backed by considered important blockchain investors.

Exotic Markets has put together the DCN service in a direct way, with all risks and processes well outlined before users sign up. Consumers retain control over their assets and yield, further empowering HODLers. The mainnet of Exotic Markets will offer unparalleled DeFi products, and the Dual Currency Note is a peek of what customers can expect in the future.

Worst-of-options, accumulators, and autocallables are some of the other products available on the Exotic Markets mainnet. A referral program, trade challenges, and various forms of instructional content will be added to the platform in the future.

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