EverdreamSoft Introduces ‘The Spells of Genesis’ Social Hub to The Sandbox

EverdreamSoft Introduces ‘The Spells of Genesis’ Social Hub to The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the next frontier for Spells of Genesis (SoG) as it expands into the Metaverse. Through the Spells of Genesis – Askian Door social hub, gamers may meet face-to-face with their favorite in-game characters.

Metaverse experiences will help release a new wave of engagement between visitors and typically static characters, gaming environments, etc. The Spells of Genesis – Askian Door is one intriguing illustration of what the future may involve since the social hub will be accessible via The SandBox.

In the “Askian Door” social hub, individuals will be at the entrance to Askian, where everyone may assemble. The game’s most recognizable characters have been brought to life and are playable. In addition, players may gather hidden Satoshi Blocks dispersed over the SoG metaverse and visit areas of interest, all of which have significant links to the game. While waiting for its September 30 debut, you can check out the social hub’s teaser trailer right here.

In addition to providing a more engaging user experience, the legendary Spells of Genesis NFT collection will return to The Sandbox Marketplace and 10 completely new NFTs will be added to the collection. That is a significant development since customers that participate (d) in the previous and/or new drop by purchasing an NFT will have a chance to win a The SandBox Season 3 Alpha Pass. These passes are a feature created by The Sandbox that unlocks prizes up to 500 $SAND for the holders who achieve missions inside the Alpha Season 3.

EverdreamSoft, makers of the SoG world, will give away three such passes through their official Twitter account. More details on these prizes will be revealed through the EverdreamSoft and Spells of Genesis accounts in the following weeks.

Furthermore, The Spells of Genesis team is also thrilled to announce that any person who acquires an NFT from the SoG collection on The Sandbox Marketplace will have unique access to all future Spells of Genesis experiences inside The Sandbox. In order to deliver the greatest possible interaction advantages to the community as a whole, the team is hard at work adding long-term utility to the non-fungible tokens being developed.

Season 3 of The Sandbox Alpha is a 10-week event with more than 90 activities. Ten thousand Season 3 Alpha Passes are offered, each with a guaranteed prize of up to 500 $SAND and other perks. The Sandbox is constantly exploring the limits of what is possible in a Metaverse and how it might be used to unite groups working on diverse projects to facilitate new forms of social interaction.

In The Sandbox, EverdreamSoft owns an Estate consisting of a number of 6×6 parcels of land. There will be additional events and activities taking place all around the Estate in the near future, with its Spells of Genesis – Askian Door social hub located on one of the properties.

In addition, in the month of February, members of the Sandbox community may purchase a plot of virtual real estate next to the EverdreamSoft Estate. Participants who owned a plot of land become eligible to obtain three premium NFTs, one of which was the Bearwhale, a legendary creature from the Spells of Genesis.

In April of 2022, the EverdreamSoft crew, in tandem with the skilled artists of the Nabiya studio, released SoG NFTs. Eligible members of the community might choose from a selection of 14 voxelized NFTs.

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