Ethereum Mainnet to Drive ETH Soon to $10K

Ethereum Mainnet to Drive ETH Soon to $10K
  • ETH is getting more and more solid. 
  • ETH Mainnet beacon swap integrated individually.
  • ETH to hit $10K very soon.

Ever since the blockchain era opened up, the major gameplayer for the blockchain industry is the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. ETH blockchain still is the most largely used blockchain ecosystem in the world.

 However, with owing more and more fierce competition with all sorts of new technological blockchain firms into action, ETH still manages to maintain its first position, when it comes to blockchain industry. 

On the other hand, owing to more efficient blockchain availability, mainly in terms of transaction fee, ETH is obviously lagging down. Many new blockchain platforms are emerging up higher and higher. Therefore, it has now become a necessity for the ETH blockchain to evolve itself further. 

With the major start at the ETH 2.0, now ETH is all set to incorporate the Proof-of-stake instead of the Proof-of-Work. This will be enabled in merging beacon chain together. 

ETH Rise to $10K

The news was officially announced that soon the beacon chain integrated ETH blockchain with the proof-of-stake will now enable smart contracts and much more to run effectively. With the announcement done on March 15, 2022, ETH price started to climb up as expected. 

There’s absolutely no doubt that as soon as the merging of proof-of-stake is all set and out for use, ETH blockchain system will soar high like anything. Besides, the merge has been already completed and the final test is on the run.  

In spite of all this, the price of ETH is expected to reach high, rising higher and higher, with many new ATH ahead. Moreover, within the Q4 of 2022, ETH is expected to hit the massive target of $10K. 

Currently, ETH is trading for the price of $2,941, with the graphs upwards at gains of 2.97%, taking into account the past 24 hours.

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