Ethereum (ETH) Founder Vitalik Buterin Speculates Crypto ‘Winter’

Ethereum (ETH) Founder Vitalik Buterin Speculates Crypto ‘Winter’
  • ETH co-founder, Vitalik Buterin speculates on another ‘winter’ for the crypto industry.
  • Buterin positive to bring about new features for the ETH blockchain. 
  • Buterin is optimistic on such market downs over long periods.

The year 2022, has not been so promising, indeed not at all for the crypto industry. The entire market crashed down several times repeatedly. As the year goes further on into its second month’s end, the volatility of the market is just increasing. 

With the Bitcoin (BTC), hitting down below $40K for the second time this year, so did the Ethereum (ETH) falling desperately just a little above $2.6K. Currently ETH is trading for price of $2,649, with the graphs plunging down at 3.53%, taking the past 24 hours into consideration. 

In spite of all this chaos, the co-founder of ETH, Vitalik Buterin is actually quite optimistic upon such market downs. He further states out all his opinion upon such periods of downs. 

Vitalik Buterin’s Depictions 

The co-founder of ETH, being a young billionaire, Vitalik Buterin states that such down periods of repeated remorses upon the crypto industry is actually quite good. Moreover, he acknowledges such market down periods to ‘winter’ many times. As winter is indeed quite harsh at times, so do prolonged and frequent market breaks. 

Accordingly, Buterin states that all those true crypto geeks and profuse giant crypto investors usually welcome such crypto winters. Truly, this is due to the fact that it will be evident only upon such winter periods, what are all the actual true and legitimate projects and cryptos upon the market. 

In addition, profuse investors sought this as the perfect time to get on their hands as much as they could on cryptos at dead prices. 

Apart from this, Buterin also pointed out that the Ethereum Foundation is on further developments upon the ETH blockchain. Rather confident is Buterin, that ETH blockchain will be the leader forever. 

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