Esports Team Vitality Partners With Tezos for Increased Fan Experience

Esports Team Vitality Partners With Tezos for Increased Fan Experience
  • Team vitality partners together with Tezos blockchain solutions provider.
  • The partnership has been signed for the next three years.
  • This partnership is to increase the fan experience and enhance it with Tezos.

Two of the biggest giants belonging to two different sectors partner together. Yes, the esports one of the best teams, the Team Vitality now officially joins hands with the biggest blockchain services provider the Tezos. This partnership ought to be the biggest partnership in esports history ever till date. 

Team Vitality Together With Tezos

The Team Vitality, obviously needs no introduction, as it is the most top performing team among the esports sector. Having won many championships and stages so far, Team Vitality has a glory of its own.  In such terms, Team Vitality takes a huge step, in terms of investments too, as it partners with the Tezos, for the year 2022 ahead. 

Accordingly, the partnership with Tezos will be spanning ahead for three years, from then on. This particular partnership is considered the biggest ever made in the esports for Europe region. The Tezos blockchain will be powering Team Vitality throughout such that making the fans more educated towards the blockchain aspects in the best possible gaming experience for the fans. With Tezos, Team Vitality will be exploring and indulging in all possible new ways to implore the blockchain technology in order to connect with the fans never as ever. 

Apart from this, all the athletes from Team Vitality will be sporting and representing the Tezos brand  throughout all the championships and stage performances for the next three years. This on the whole represents a win-win situation for both Tezos and Team Vitality.

Views of the CEOs

In regards to the partnership with Tezos, the CEO of Team Vitality, Nicolas Maurer states that they consider this partnership as completely game changing for Team Vitality for the year 2022. In addition, Nicolas Maurer terms that this partnership will strengthen the ties and relationship between them with the fans on a much broader perspective. Also, he mentions that they are indeed proud of having Tezos through their journey furthermore.

On the other hand, the Chief of staff, Tezos Foundation, Mason Edwards, states that Team Vitality has taken onto the perfect step in indulging and making use of the blockchain technology in the esports and gaming industry to build up the fan base more. 

Also, Edwards points out that major key factors which have promoted this partnership is due to Tezos blockchain’s extremely low gas fees, higher transaction speed rates and ease of use and efficiency.

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