Enzyme (MLN) Surges Over 60% in a Week

Enzyme (MLN) Surges Over 60% in a Week
  • MLN rises over 60% within a week.
  • The MLN cryptocurrency allows users to invest in funds launched by others.
  • The major reason for the price hike is listing on well-known exchange and Defi partnership.

According to Coinmarketcap, the current trading price of Enzyme is $117.36, which has risen to 60% in a week. This brings joy to coin holders, who are anticipating a price hike in the upcoming days.

MLN has a trading volume of $166,107,164 and soared to 25.72% in the last 24-hours. It holds the 154th position with a total market cap value of $210,403,984.

Price chart of MLN

The token is available on top exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, XT.COM, and Coinbase Exchange. Besides, the current circulating supply of MLN coins is 1,792,738. The demographic clearly shows the hike in price over a week.

Enzyme Finance (MLN)

Enzyme Finance, formerly known as Melon Protocol, was established in 2016. It is an Ethereum (ETH)-based protocol that enables users to create, manage, and invest in crypto asset management vehicles.

About 1,250,000 MLN coins were created and circulated between 2017 and 2018. The MLN cryptocurrency entered the market in order to provide access to global customers and lower the restrictions for asset management.

The value of MLN has skyrocketed due to two major factors: one is its listing on a well-known exchange, Binance, and the other is the official announcement of a DeFi partnership.

This trend began on July 5, when Binance announced that users could trade MLN. Following this, the price of MLN skyrocketed by 55% to $125 in a matter of hours. Another announcement that drew attention from users was Enzyme’s DeFi partnership with Yearn Finance.

Significantly, users are expecting that the price of MLN would reach a new ATH in the upcoming days. Although the new advancements and upgrades on the Enzyme economy attract users, there is a high possibility of a price hike in near future.

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