Emergents TCG Public Beta Version Introduced by InterPop, Followed by Exclusive ‘Super Boosters’ Packs

Emergent’s Beta Version Trading Card Game Introduced by InterPop
  • Players have a chance to win Scott Kolin’s comic books.
  • Kolin’s comic book can be exchanged for physical art. 
  • Few of the characteristics included in the super booster drop are exclusive.

One of InterPop’s signature products, the Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG), has finally launched the public beta version. TGS trading card game is similar to Pokemon and Magic, and it uses the strength of blockchain technology and deck building to improve the TCG play experience. 

InterPop is creating the future of digital fandom through the consequent increase of comic, game, and collectible NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. InterPop’s new TCG gameplay of Emergents is less difficult than the current blockchain card games, which frequently rely on complicated tokenomics.

InterPop’s CEO Brian David Marshall said;

Our goal has never been to build the best blockchain game, it has always been to build a better game than what was out there – be it so-called free-to-play or the complicated DeFi mechanics of blockchain games – that could go toe-to-toe with best in class trading card games and recapture some of the excitement that came from buying, selling, and trading Magic or Pokemon cards in the real world.

Traits on The Beta Version TCG

With the release of the public beta version, interested users can have the chance to create a digital collection of one-of-a-kind cards based on InterPop’s first five comic book series. Additionally, the cards can be exchanged on the Tezos blockchain NFT exchanges Rarible.com and Objkt.com. Players can experience full ownership due to Emergent’s TCG tokenization concept and the ability to purchase or sell cards to customize their decks.

To highlight the release of the public beta, Emergents TCG will also offer unique promo-card packs nicknamed, the “Super Booster Drop.” Whitelisted participants can purchase these cards starting on August 18.

This special pack has a few benefits including, super booster unique NFT cards, player avatars, and NFT comic books. Each of them has a chance of being upgraded to an NFT with a higher rarity. The Emergents’ Universe comic cover art, by renowned artists including Colleen Doran, Amanda Conner, Steve Ellis, and Juan Doe, also will be included on the NFT cards.

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