Elon Musk States Fake Accounts Should Mention Parody in the Name

Elon Musk States Fake Accounts Should Mention Parody in the Name
  • Musk said on Twitter that the mention of parody is to warn people not to take risks.
  • With repeated explanations, the parody account Elon Musk, which has 2.3M followers, has been suspended.

Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter, many changes have occurred, and the number of parody accounts has significantly increased. This morning, Musk mentioned that parody accounts should make clear that they are parodies both in their names and bios.

The accounts that are tied to fan sites and other things on Twitter make it impossible to distinguish between celebrity accounts and fan accounts, which causes a lot of confusion. These accounts are known as parody accounts. For the other account on Twitter to be distinguished from the real account, it must now include the word “Parody” in its name, not in the bio.

Musk has carried out a number of explanations, and many of the parody accounts have been suspended, including one with 2.3 million followers that is a parody of Elon Musk. He further emphasized that his opinion is not for the account to be banned, but rather for personal safety and hazards.

Things Happened After Musk Took Over Twitter

Musk tweeted on November 9 that there are many dumb things to do and that it will be trial and error. And I also made changes that require the blue tick to pay $8 every month.

He also claimed that humor is allowed on Twitter. In addition, some Twitter regulations were created, covering safety, privacy, authenticity, enforcement, appeal, and third-party advertising of video content. And he also added that these are only a few instances, but there are many more.

Most users will profit from these new features, which will give Twitter a new look, and these benefits will lead individuals to save from risks.

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