Elon Musk Backs Dogecoin Stating It “Currency-Like”

  • Billy Markus made a tweet describing his opinions on crypto and its users.
  • Elon Musk replied to the tweet showing the support and mentioned it to be currency-like.

The Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus has made a tweet describing his wish for the dogecoin and the community which follows it. And as always, the mascot for the memecoin, Elon Musk came into full agreement with the suggestion. Additionally, he included his firms Tesla and SpaceX would be marching along.

Despite the recent legal action on Tesla & SpaceX CEO, being demanded $258 billion for supporting the DOGE. He still has massive trust and confidence in memecoin. Seems like Elon Musk is set to take the DOGE to the moon in literal and financial market form. 

Musk replied to Markus’ tweet conveying that it is more stable than any fiat currency. The one-word reply from Musk has created more attention to Dogecoin’s father’s tweet.

DOGE Founder Desire

In the DOGE co-founder’s view, it is more about just buying and selling. The pump and dump is not the only concern of the crypto as many others in the market. He is proud of the fact that Dogecoin followers know the market volatility and its existence is all based on current popularity. 

The community knows the pros & cons, and it enjoys the fun attached to it. If people react differently, that means they are unaware of the crypto concept. Also, he requested people to put effort into making crypto as utility and security.  

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