Electronic Giant Samsung Launches A Metaverse World “Space Tycoon”

Electronic Giant Samsung Launches A Metaverse World “Space Tycoon”
  • Samsung launched “Space Tycoon”, a metaverse world for their users.
  • This universe is built to engage with Samsung Gen Z users.
  • Space Tycoon will be launched in 14 languages at the same time.

Metaverse is a freshly created augmented reality where we can interact virtually and discover worlds that are not physically accessible. The concept of metaverse and cryptocurrency is to connect the virtual world and virtual money to spend them. However, as it drew in a younger audience, metaverse experiences have risen to prominence in the crypto industry.

Significantly, the electronic giant, Samsung launches its metaverse world “Space Tycoon” as a part of the Roblox universe. This creation allows players to purchase game items from a shop. The aim of this universe from Samsung is to engage Gen-Z users with items built by selecting their basic components.

Samsung’s Metaverse World

Major investing firms are much interested in metaverse and NFT sectors as it has gained more traction. Several big companies are now focusing on metaverse-based projects and utilize the concept as a strategy in their firm. Similarly, Samsung has come up with a metaverse experience space that is built as a part of the Roblox universe. Though this sector intrigued the interest of the young audience, it gives a chance for users to learn about the brand and products. 

Samsung has already shown its interest in the metaverse and NFT, involved in software experiences for gaming and entertainment. With influential partners in the sector, the company has been actively developing a number of initiatives. One of these is the NFT platform that was established in collaboration with the well-known NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway and would enable the platform to provide its NFTs via Samsung smart TVs.

Furthermore, Space Tycoon will be launched in 14 languages simultaneously including English, Korean, and Chinese as well. Additional features to interact between users will be added in near future. Moreover, Jinsoo Kim, executive vice president at Samsung Electronics’ Corporate Design Center, stated: 

“We wanted to give our Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they had never done before. We’ll keep showcasing material that gives our present and potential customers more enjoyable and valuable digital experiences.”

As mentioned earlier, the company focuses more on software experience but did not exhibit hardware specifically designed to support these experiences. Although the metaverse is frequently linked to virtual reality and augmented reality, some people are still unsure of what this notion actually entails. 

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