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Earn While You Game with Pinkslip Finance

Earn While You Game with Pinkslip Finance Press Release

Pinkslip Finance, an entire metaverse that incorporates gaming and Defi components, is the newest player in the gameFi industry. The innovative project brings together two of the most scalable aspects of the crypto industry; DeFi and NFTs. 

The project has just completed its seed sale on Pincubator. Although it is yet to launch its token, Pinkslip is gearing up for its public sale, scheduled for 25th August 2021, during which it aims to raise 500 ETH. 

Pinkslip Explained

Anyone keen on the crypto industry may have noticed a new trend coming up; Gamefi. The relatively new sector combines different technologies to provide a gaming platform for crypto projects. In short, users get to earn tokens for playing games. 

Pinkslip Finance is determined to dominate this emerging sector. Users who want to get on board this ecosystem will start by playing a fun and easy drag racing game. To do so, users must first buy an NFT, which represents a car. The platform currently provides three NFTs- gold, silver, and bronze- all of which have different chances of winning, with gold being the highest. 

Users can only buy the NFTs using the platform’s native token, $PSLIP. The ERC-20 token fuels the ecosystem by enabling players to purchase drag race cars and Defi clients to earn by staking their tokens. The revenue collected from the purchase of NFTs will be divided, with half of it going into the staking pool and the other half being used for further research and development. 

Upcoming Public Sale

Pinkslip Finance plans to have its public sale in the coming week. The listing price is 1 ETH for 7272 $PSLIP. Should the team sell all the tokens, $PSLIP will have 12,000,000 tokens in circulating supply out of its 30,000,000 fixed total supply. 

All remaining tokens from the public sale will be distributed to the users via staking within the upcoming weeks so that everyone gets a chance to obtain the staking pass. 

Pinkslip will launch on Uniswap V2 after the public sale. 30% of the amount raised via the sale will be used to provide initial liquidity. 

Pincubator’s Role

One of the crucial players in Pinkslip’s success is Pincubator, the platform responsible for incubating the project. Pincubator was able to complete a seed sale within 24 hours, boosting the project. For more information and opportunities, head over to to join the telegram channel.

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