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Early Backers Of $NFTFN Foresee A Bigger Price Surge Than XRP And LUNC

Early Backers Of $NFTFN Foresee A Bigger Price Surge Than XRP And LUNC Press Release

The cryptocurrency market is currently beaming with bullish momentum and an overall positive sentiment. The pumping in of capital by investors is indicative of increasing market liquidity as well as investor confidence. Amid this brewing bull market, altcoins like XRP and Terra Classic (LUNC) have presented themselves as top gainers. 

However, NFT Finance (NFTFN) has disrupted the crypto market, offering immense growth prospects in 2024. Early backers of NFTFN believe that it is poised for a significant rally in the coming months, leading it to outperform the likes of XRP and LUNC. 

Price Action of XRP & LUNC In 2024

2024 has been a considerably profitable year for both LUNC and XRP. Despite facing some volatility since the beginning of the year, LUNC has rallied 50% over the past few weeks, reaching as high as $0.00020. Similarly, XRP also experienced volatility over the past few months but managed to grow a modest 16%, reaching as high as $0.71 last month. 

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LUNC carries with it the burden of Terra Ecosystem collapse in 2022, which has made investors wary of the token. Despite rejuvenation efforts by the Terra Classic community, LUNC has a long way to go before investors are comfortable with it again. Meanwhile XRP has the sword of its legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hanging over its head. Any growth potential for XRP is crushed by Ripple’s potential loss in this closely followed lawsuit. 

NFTFN’s Potential In 2024

NFTFN has emerged as a refreshing alternative for altcoin investors, boasting unique selling propositions and sound fundamentals. As a pioneer in the web3 fintech sector, NFTFN addresses the challenges that currently plague the NFT market. Its real-world utility and innovative approach has caught the attention of crypto analysts, and helped the project gain several early backers. 

Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal, and leading VCs like Sigurd Ventures, have raised $500k for NFTFN. The project also boasts partnerships with industry titans like Google Cloud, Binance Smart Chain, and OpenSea, which brings a lot of credibility. NFTFN is currently in the second stage of its highly anticipated presale, where 25 million tokens are available for just $0.03 apiece. 

The market capitalization of the NFT sector stood at $10 billion in 2023. By 2030, that figure is projected to reach a whopping $230. Given its NFT-centric nature, NFTFN is well positioned to capitalize on this explosive growth and witness a significant surge in its value ,eventually outperforming XRP and LUNC. 

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