Fri, July 12

Deutsche Telekom MMS Joins Subsquid’s Decentralized Data Lake Network

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Joining the more than 700 worker nodes operated by both corporate and private organizations, Deutsche Telekom MMS has begun operating dedicated worker nodes as part of Subsquid’s decentralized data lake.

An essential component of the Subsquid network is the worker nodes. They pay attention to queries and promptly provide the needed data to the data consumer (including indexers) from the data lake.

Subsquid is a modular, hyper-scalable decentralized data platform designed to provide Web3 product developers the blockchain data access they need. Businesses and corporations may store unformatted raw data in data lakes.

The subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom has started operating worker nodes as part of its infrastructure to add to the data lake, thus increasing the network’s scalability and resilience. The nodes went live earlier in the summer.

Developers must build on more than one chain in an landscape where several layer-1 and layer-2 chains fragment the overall Web3 audience. This makes obtaining data difficult. Although blockchain data is often accessible to the public, the format and access points vary every chain.

Getting the data in a query-friendly manner has often been made easy by using centralized APIs or direct access to RPC nodes. This method is not without its problems, however, including expensive multichain data retrieval times, corrupted data, and other security vulnerabilities.

Subsquid seeks to provide a completely decentralized stack in lieu of this method for obtaining historical data. Worker nodes respond to requests from developers in its decentralized data lake. Because the data is kept in a raw format, organizations and individuals may access it in the formats of their choice.

More than 60,000 indexers were added to the network throughout the testnet. After launching on June 3rd, the mainnet is rapidly gaining popularity. Almost 700 worker nodes have been launched, and more than 536 TB of data has been stored and is ready to be supplied peer-to-peer.

Dirk Röder, Head of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions Team at Deutsche Telekom MMS stated:

“Subsquid’s network, with its innovative data lake architecture, is a game-changer for web3. It unlocks the true potential of blockchain data, making it readily accessible and usable for developers and users alike. With our enterprise-grade infrastructure setup, we bolster the security and scalability of the network, providing the foundation for Subsquid’s powerful decentralized Data Lake technology.”

Marcel Fohrmann, co-founder of Subsquid, adds:

“Deutsche Telekom running Subsquid worker nodes is a big deal: One of the world’s biggest and most trusted infrastructure providers will now be helping to strengthen and secure permissionless data access for use cases across Web3.” He continues, “We are reaching a new level of legitimacy and security not just for the network we are building, but for all of blockchain technology. “

By executing validators for well-known blockchain protocols including Polygon, Ethereum, and Polkadot, Deutsche Telekom MMS has been a major contributor to Web3 businesses and is now expanding its presence in Web3 with this alliance.

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