DeFiChain Issued DFI Token Now Trading on Exchange

DeFiChain Issued DFI Token Now Trading on Exchange

It was announced today that the DFI token, issued by DeFiChain, would be listed on, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. DeFiChain is the premier blockchain on the Bitcoin network devoted to providing decentralized financial apps and services to everyone. DeFiChain has taken a huge step toward achieving its goal of making DFI available to investors globally with this development.

When it comes to the number of cryptocurrencies it accepts, is unrivalled. On September 26 at 10 a.m. UTC, trading of the DFI token (ERC-20 version) will begin on DFI will initially trade against USDT, while a DFI-BTC pair is possible after launches. In late October, the platform’s native implementation of DFI will be made accessible.

DFI may be moved to any wallet that supports the token once it is purchased on It opens up the full DeFiChain ecosystem to its users, including decentralized stock tokens. As of right now, you can buy and sell DFI tokens on Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit (ERC-20 format), Bittrex, Bitrue, and Hotbit. The more native decentralized financial services that are listed on DeFiChain, the more accessible they become to investors.

Benjamin Rauch, VP Marketing DeFiChain Accelerator stated:

“We are extremely happy that the DFI token can now be traded on and more and more people are able to access the no. 1 DeFi blockchain on Bitcoin.”

Access to the DeFiChain ecosystem is enabled globally using the DFI token. It is fundamental to everything done on the DeFiChain blockchain, including but not limited to:

  • Providing liquidity in multiple pools
  • Staking for blockchain consensus and security
  • As collateral to mint or borrow stock tokens and the dUSD stablecoin
  • As a reward token
  • As the governance token of DeFiChain 

DeFiChain is the first blockchain on the Bitcoin network to provide users with decentralized assets, giving them more freedom and the advantages of decentralization. Without leaving the DeFi ecosystem, users may get price exposure to stocks and ETFs by minting and trading dTokens. They may also purchase dTokens on the DeFiChain DEX, even in fractional quantities.

DeFiChain is an on-chain governance blockchain that eliminates the need for a central authority. The project’s community has been actively engaged in practically every facet of the blockchain since its mainnet debut in May 2020, from masternodes and projects to tools and governance to economic concepts and code governance. Its codebase is open source and has gone through extensive peer review and community discussion.

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