Decipher 2022: A Mega Convention of Blockchain Enthusiasts in Dubai

Decipher 2022: A Mega Convention of Blockchain Enthusiasts in Dubai
  • Decipher 2022 was the 2nd annual gathering of Algorand organized in Dubai.
  • The 2000+ audience’s energy and enthusiasm depicted their confidence in the blockchain.

Algorand’s Decipher 2022 event left everyone astonished with the turnout of guests and the positivity among them amidst the gloomy cryptomarket scenario. Decipher 2022 was the second annual gathering organized in Dubai, pro-blockchain geography, for the Algorand community, which is inclusive of builders, founders, investors, and strategists.

The three-day event started on 29th November and was wrapped up on 31st November. Presently, the whole of the crypto and the underpinning blockchain ecosystem is misinterpreted to be down in the dumps. But the audience number at Decipher 2022, has quadrupled from the previous year. Depicting the energy and enthusiasm the community has for blockchain technology.

Decipher 2022 Insights

Algorand Foundation CEO, Staci Warden inaugurated the ceremony with the launch of 900 new applications on the mainnet. Staci opened the speech by mentioning the milestones achieved by Algorand blockchain so far and the further expansion plans in the line. Silvio Micali, founder of Algorand cheered up the entire gathering via his address.

Silvio stated:

“We believe in true decentralization. We believe in transparency. We believe that unnecessary intermediaries must be obviated. We believe that technology is profoundly human and has the power to improve our lives.”

Decipher 2022 has been the home for variant panel discussions like “Supercharging DeFi on Algorand: 2023 and Beyond” and “The Path To Mass Adoption: Real World Solutions with Global Impact”.

The highlights of the Decipher were the BUILD and SCALE pitch competitions by the Algorand foundation. And also the launch of new Algorand Ventures, the appointment of Anil Kakani as Algorand India’s Head, and so on. 

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