DappRadar Report Revealed Blockchain Gaming Fueled Web3 Adoption

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  • Alien Worlds became the first most-played blockchain game in Q3.
  • Benji Bananas raised its daily UAWs by 2468% in September.

The Blockchain Game Alliance and DappRadar, a global app store for decentralized applications, have released reports on blockchain gaming activity. The report revealed that Web3 engagement is being fueled by blockchain gaming in quarter 3 (Q3).

Half of all blockchain activity in Q3 was driven by blockchain games. And the blockchain gaming firm’s unique active wallet count climbed by 8% (912K) each month, assuring that its part of Web3 stands over 48% in Q3.

Blockchain Gaming on the Track 

Online NFT games Star Atlas and Blankos Block Party was the first Web3 games to be made available on the Epic Games Store. The digital collectible card game Gods Unchained entered the top five collections by NFT trade volume in September with over $18 million in sales.

According to the report, with an increase of 14% from Q2 to Q3, Alien Worlds once again became the most-played blockchain game with the highest average daily user activity wallets (UAW) in Q3. Gameta became the most popular dapp in September, with over 1.83M users. Its number of daily unique active wallets rose to 69K in September, up 109% from August and 253% from Q2. Additionally, Benji Bananas raised its daily UAWs by 2468% in September.

In this quarter NFT saw a decline of 80.62% to $3.6 million, the lowest trading volume ever witnessed. The July prohibition on NFTs in Minecraft is the reason for this fall. And blockchain gaming and metaverse investments were the lowest of the year while only $156 million was raised in September. The trade volume for Metaverse projects dropped significantly in Q3 from Q2 to $74 million and sales dropped by 37.54%. However, gaming continues to dominate Web3.

The funds raised by this industry have nearly doubled that of last year, despite the fact that investments in blockchain-based games and Metaverse projects fell in Q3 ($1.3 billion) compared to Q2, a drop of 48% from the second quarter.

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