CVCoin (CVN) Climbs Up Over 230% In A Week

CVCoin (CVN) Climbs Up Over 230% In A Week
  • CVCoin (CVN) has surged over 230% within a week.
  • It is an encrypted platform for social business communication.
  • Crypviser launched CVT stablecoin on Huobi ECO Chain last month.

As we all know, crypto-assets take time to shine, and some will unexpectedly rise in the blink of an eye. There are several reasons why a particular coin is priced, but what we know is only a drop in the ocean. Significantly, ecosystem developments may be the main factor for price surges.

Furthermore, every day is like a switch for digital assets, causing some to rise and some to fall in price. The crypto-market is now well-known around the world, and there are many cryptocurrency investors. Despite the fact that some early investors buy well-known coins, there are many digital currencies that can outperform mainstream cryptocurrencies. Now, we will dive into that one-of-kind cryptocurrency which is CVCoin (CVN) that has surged over 230% in a week.

Crypviser is the first blockchain-based encrypted network for social and business communication. The platform is a blockchain-based disruptive, encrypted all-in-one network for social and business communication.

Current Market Status

At the time of writing, the trading price of CVN is $13.77 with a trading volume of $3,422,917 in the last 24-hours. According to Coinmarketcap, CVN has dropped to 28.47% within a day and holds 293rd rank. 

Trading Chart of CVCoin

The chart depicts a bullish signal for the past week. With the 7-day statistics, the price of CVCoin (CVN) has climbed from $6.07 to $22.10 which is over 230%. The current circulating supply of CVN coins is 12,380,890. However, in the last 24 hours the price of CVN has dropped to 28.47%. 

Crypviser Launched CVT Stablecoin 

Crypviser has launched CVT Stablecoin and CVSWAP protocol on Huobi ECO Chain last month. The CVSWAP protocol is intended to create stablecoins on the Huobi ECO Chain platform. Besides, CVT is the first stablecoin in HECO to be deployed by CVSWAP protocol. This is designed to provide a simple and reliable swap functionality.

Significantly, the stablecoin was launched on July 29 and since then the price of CVN has begun to rise. However, the developments on the network has gained the attention from users and that resulted in price hike. The users of CVN have experienced a cakewalk in the past week. If the trend continues, then CVN may reach highs in the upcoming days.

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