Custodial Exchange Bakkt Launches Crypto Debit Card

Custodial Exchange Bakkt Launches Crypto Debit Card
  • Bakkt has launched a fully virtual Visa debit card.
  • Cardholders can spend BTC from their Bakkt accounts directly.
  •  Bakkt avoids Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees. 

Bakkt, custodial exchange has announced that it has launched a fully virtual Visa debit card for both online and in-store spending. It allows customers to use crypto for retail purchases.

Without any delay, cardholders can spend Bitcoin (BTC) from their Bakkt accounts directly without waiting to convert digital currency to fiat.

Moreover, the CEO of Bakkt, Gavin Michael stated,

“Now, instead of selling and waiting to transfer to a bank, they can simply walk into their favorite store, tap their Bakkt Card and buy that new item they’ve been eyeing”.

Hence more, the Bakkt CEO, said the aim of the company to provide more choices for consumers and Bakkt card untethers bitcoin owners from their online-only past into a with multiple options, helping their customers to leverage the digital assets in their day-to-day lives.

Henceforth, one of the members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Sutton Bank. It issuing Debit cards in assent with a license from Visa. Bakkt selling crypto to users at a higher price than the current rate. By doing this Bakkt avoids Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees. This aid no more than 1.5% throughout 2021.

In the previous year, Bakkt expanded its financial services to institutional investors. And assimilated its token cash with the Starbucks payment app.

A trusted digital asset marketplace that allows institutions and customers to buy, sell, store and spend digital belongings. Moreover, Bakkt is a cryptocurrency future exchange. Bakkt’s retail platform, now available in the recently launched Bakkt app. Bakkt launched in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange

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