CryptoPunk NFT Rises up Through a Recent Million Dollar Sale

Positive Spike Expected in NFT Marketplace Till 2030
  • CryptoPunk 4464 sold for $2,615,224.91.
  • Ethereum traded at $1,060.29 with a trading volume of $13,097,548,474.

CryptoPunk 4464 NFT, was recently sold for 2,500 ETH via OpenSea, the first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto gems in the world. CryptoPunks is a generative art collection and the first NFT-based digital art system. There are only 10,000 Punks left in the world, and some are hunted to extinction. 

CryptoPunk 4464 is one of the rare and expensive Ape punks, its attributes typically determine the value of CryptoPunks, with the cigarette, knit cap, and helmet characteristics being the most desired. It was sold for 2,500 ETH worth  $$2,615,224.91at the time of sale. Other Punk species (Zombies, and Aliens) are extremely rare and prompt a high price.

What cannot be denied is that ether (ETH) prices, which are used to value many NFTs, have plummeted this year. The sales were revealed by the CryptoPunks bot on Twitter.

More NFTs Were Sold 

According to the data from CryptoPunks three more Punk NFTs were sold for 265.17 ETH. The male Punks 7461,5686 and 3963 were sold for 94.29 ETH, 82 ETH, and 88.88 ETH total worth $2,77,402. 

Cryptopunks is the ultimate rookie card and it has grown in popularity in 2021, with dozens of celebrities proudly displaying their punk ownership on Twitter. Cryptopunk sales serve as a leading indicator for the rest of the NFT market, demonstrating that some people are willing to spend a good amount of profit on blockchain-based art.

According to the CMC Ethereum (ETH) traded at $1,060.29 with a trading volume of $13,097,548,474. ETH is down 2.91% in the last 24 hours with a market cap of $128,851,877,834.

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