Cryptocurrencies That Turns Investments In Thousands To Millions

Cryptocurrencies That Turns Investments In Thousands To Millions

The entire world was experiencing an era of cryptocurrency, where many digital assets went to peak in price value. Most of the cryptocurrencies’ values have multiplied in the year 2021 earning more users as well. This year has been a sweet spot for the crypto industry as the value of the crypto market has climbed over 500,000% since the start.

The meme-currencies and the gaming-tokens were the talks of the town in this recent trend of the crypto industry. From these cryptocurrencies, there are four tokens in which if an investor has invested about $10,000 then it would turn to $1 million. The four crypto-tokens are SHIB, AXS, SAND, and SOL.

Cryptocurrencies – To The Moon

The first crypto-token is the famous one among the crypto industry which is Shiba Inu (SHIB). SHIB’s price value has skyrocketed since the start of this year, surging from $0.000000000073 to $0.000037. It has increased in value by losing six zeros and has delivered about 50,000,000% gain YTD. Thus, an investment of $10,000 in SHIB would be $5 million now.

Axie Infinity (AXS) is the second cryptocurrency that generated more gains this year. It is a gaming platform that has been the best performer of the year being a leader for many gaming tokens. Since the popularity of AXS went on fire, many gaming platforms followed it and began to rise in value. An investment in Axie Infinity for $10,000 at the start of this year would be $2.18 million now.

The third popular token is The Sandbox (SAND) which is similar to Axie Infinity. The Sandbox is about monetizing the metaverse which allows users to interact in a 3D environment. This blockchain-based gaming platform incentivizes users to create virtual worlds and engage with others in them. The price value has soared from $0.04 to $5, thus a $10,000 investment would be $1.4 million now.

Consequently, the final crypto-token is Solana (SOL) which has skyrocketed from $1.61 to $191. The necessity for speed is a significant feature of Solana that has driven up the value of SOL tokens. Besides, an investment of $10,000 would be nearly $1.2 million right now. Furthermore, among the past few years, this year has been the hype for the crypto industry.

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