Crypto Wallets With Atleast 1 BTC Hit a New ATH of 865,254

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As Bitcoin is slashed down reflecting a drastic price fall, investors are utilizing the chance to purchase BTC. So, even with their small amount of savings, users are eager to buy even less amounts of Bitcoin. Even though BTC holders are facing a huge loss in the market, the number of crypto wallets with at least one or more BTC rose, attaining a new peak. 

So the investors are very cool in increasing their wallet sizes purchasing the coins which are low over recent months. Thus, the crypto wallets holding one or more than one Bitcoin (BTC) have set a new ATH of 865,254. Further the bitcoin ecosystem depicts the community witnessing the rise of bullish investors on BTC. 

Moreover, as bitcoin price slopes down even more, the number of addresses with 1 BTC will continue to rise. With no doubt, the number of such crypto wallets can easily give a hit to new all-time high. 

Wallets with Over 1 BTC Set New ATH

In mid May 2022, the rise of BTC addresses with over 1 Bitcoin was ranging between 812K and 816K. At that time, the new ATH reached 834,335.  Further to the rise, the expectation for the analyst also appeared that it could spike to 850,000 soon. Unfortunately breaking the expectation, the surge continued and gave a hit marking a new all-time high of above 865K.

As the bearish crypto market continues, it is throwing an opportunity for all the retail investors, smallholders, and new entrants to buy BTC. Thus the ongoing BTC price downfall is the major reason or factor for the rise of large BTC addresses

Over the past few months, the value of Bitcoin has been dipping down causing a massive market crash. But on the other end, the number of wallets holding one or more BTC is spiking high, attaining new ATH each time. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the current market status of Bitcoin is $20,010.99 with a slight head up of 2.04% in the last 24 hours. Even though the price slopes down, it is always one of the leading cryptocurrency in the world

Amidst the high level of volatility, the price drop of BTC provokes the investors community and whales to raise their asset values

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