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Crypto Lender Celsius Invests $54M in Core Scientific Miner

Crypto Lender Celsius Invests $54M in Core Scientific Miner Blockchain News

Celsius is a crypto lending platform that confirmed its $54M investment in Bitcoin mining leader Core Scientific on Friday. This investment is part of a larger investment of over $200 million in North American Bitcoin mining. It is for establishing Celsius as one of the largest US investors in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Celsius is the leading global cryptocurrency yield-earning platform, which assists hundreds of thousands of consumers globally for financial independence. The CEO of Celsius, Alex Mahinsky stated that Core Scientific has a lot of assets and it is safer to invest rather than investing in the DeFi project.

Significantly, Core Scientific is a leading carbon-neutral mining industry in North America. The company has announced its merger with Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp (XPDI) worth $4.3 billion. The firm plans to list on NASDAQ through XPDI.

Mahinsky About Business Together

Mahinsky notices that this investment would create a positive impact and this merger will allow Core “to raise more money.” He adds that:

“Exceptional companies, such as Core Scientific, are leading the industry in carbon-neutral mining, setting the global standard for energy efficiency in mining. We are thrilled to be investment partners, and we are excited to see the successes they have had this year. We look forward to working together in the future to grow our joint business.”

Furthermore, Mahinsky is excited about the investment in Bitcoin miner Coin Scientific. Besides, he said that Celsius is looking forward to working together in the future for business growth.

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