Crypto Hacking Lead Dual Citizen To Be Imprisoned for 11 Years

Crypto Hacking Lead Dual Citizen To Be Imprisoned for 11 Years

Recently, crypto hacking is bubbling all over the world affecting the lives of many users, investors etc. The hackers are misleading the users through many smart ways and stealing all of their savings. At present, there are many trending news related to crypto hacking which resulted in the loss in millions. Since users show more interest and invest their assets in digital currencies, the hackers are taking it for advantage. 

Crypto Heist in North Korea

As an example, a US Canadian citizen, Ghaleb Alaumary, 36, is now judged to be imprisoned for 11 years for involvement in a Crypto exchange hacking. Along with a penalty of $30 million to be paid in the North Korea restitution. Alaumary lends his support for the North Korean military hackers in money laundering. In addition, one of his partners in the military hackers group heisted millions through crypto exchange hackings. 

Besides, this is the second time Alaumary is pleading guilty for laundering the funds in North Korea. Earlier in 2020,the Canadian citizen admitted his crime to laundering money from the North Koreans in 2018. Notably, the hacking crimes were planned very strategically, by hiring hackers to illicit the funds from the banks. This massive heist results in hacking of $ 6.1 million from a popular commercial bank. 

Thus, the U.S Federal court released a judgement for the hacking criminal to lead his 11 years of life in prison. Additionally, the U.S department of Justice, press release clearly states, 

“A dual Canadian and U.S. national was sentenced today to 140 months in federal prison for conspiring to launder tens of millions of dollars stolen in various wire and bank fraud schemes.”

Smart Hacking Plans

All the U.S officials from all cyber crime departments have raised a case on Ghaleb Alaumary for all his existing criminal enterprises. Recently, Alaumary cheated a Canadian University by sending fraud emails. Through these emails, he received $9.4 million from the university who was the sad  victim in this case. 

Besides, there is a secret group of hackers, who are helping Alaumary  in all the criminal activities across the world. Also the victims are rich entities, universities, financial institutions across the globe. 

Thus, the US Justice Department is very conscious about the hacking and the hackers in the country. So the US law enforcement is working in a close relationship with his cyber partners worldwide. Hence, the Feds will bring justice to all the fraudsters who think they are safe behind the screens. 

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