Crypto Exchanges Witnessing High Traffic Despite Recent Market Crash

Crypto Exchanges Witnessing High Traffic Despite Recent Market Crash

As a matter of fact, the entire crypto market was down over recent months with a huge price fall in all cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, the report from Arcane research reveals traders from over 20 countries are interestingly trading these assets, raising the traffic of the crypto exchange. And it also proves that the users active participation in the market remains higher in history. 

Moreover, the arcane research shows that almost 52.4% of visitors are recorded from all exchanges in the last 3 months despite the downturn of the market. Further on a detailed research, the analysis includes over 35 global crypto exchanges. And the one on the top and in leading are the US traders. The results show active US participants represent 14.33% of all crypto exchange visits.

However, the interest of the crypto traders are booming, representing the usage of crypto exchanges at high rates. 

High Traffics on Crypto Exchanges Globally

Following the U.S, traders from South Korea and Russia hold the second and third level of participation in the list. In the last 90 days, South Korea and Russia recorded 6.51% and 4.87% of traffic. Thus, it is clear that the U.S possesses a large number of crypto users who are actively trading their assets. 

More so, the rest of the 17 countries in the leading order was, Turkey, Japan, the UK, India, Ukraine, Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, France, and Italy respectively. 

So there were many reasons for the U.S market to gain dominant traders. To be more specific, the U.S crypto market initiates many regulatory changes, crypto adoption by many institutional firms and a huge volume of crypto mining as well. 

In addition, to have an eye on the leading crypto exchanges, Binance is the one with more website visits with 300 million traffic in the last 3 months. Following, we have Coinbase recorded as the second crypto exchange with 121 million visits in the same period.

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